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I know that how to upgrade troops faster is an oft cited problem and I do appreciate that you can have two sets of troops training in the academy but I don’t understand why there is no way to get troops fast the way you can for heroes, perhaps an extra level in the Academy might be possible.

Yeah! I’ve been playing for around a year & a half now and none of my 4* troops have even passed level 15. I think that’s pretty ridiculous. I don’t know how other players have had max level 4* troops for so long. My best guess is it took a lot of money put into troop summons. I don’t think that should be necessary for people who have been playing as long as I have. A year & a half? At least level 23 would be nice.

I had my 1st level 30 4* troops in less than 2 years playing as F2P. It is now been 2 and a half year, only the red one is not 30 because I focused on 2 troops.

Very active, very rarely missing world/raid flags. I got around 15 ETT each month.

Wish that could have been a feature at the onset. Been playing since 2018, and this is the best I could come up with:

I don’t spend gems to get troops. All of them are from ETTs. Still working on getting my mana troops to level 11.

This is mine (Since 18 October 2018):

So am I.

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Good for you. Never been impressed with maxed troops though with the cost of food and feeder troops just to get them to that level. I’ve been defeating enemy teams in raids with maxed troops with just the heroes and troops I have. I find it better to develop other troops to support the other heroes in my mono setup. Still a long way to go to get all elements having 5 mana troops each to at least level 11 for VF wars and legendary raid tourneys. But if I am to max troops, I’d do that on the Ninja troops. Still missing blue and yellow ninja troops.


Apart from HA2, HA4 and HA6, other sources of feeder troops are the maps, quests and events, especially when you use loot tickets during Atlantis Rising. Other than that, players must spend a considerable sum pulling them at the portals.

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This. Apart from the mana breakpoints I don’t get peoples obsession with upping troops to a high level. The return on investment is much higher with emblems. A raid vs 19 troops vs 30 troops will hardly feel any different but 5 emblems vs 20 is pretty huge.

After 2.5 years I have between level 17 and 19 on my primary mana troops. For 1 or 2 colors I will try to bring up to 23 but for others I want to get secondaries to at least 11. I also have some crit troops for my minion summoners and fast heroes that need bulking up

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The numbers of troops you raised did indicate mono setup. I use 3-2 so I only focus on 3 troops. 2 level 11 mana, and 1 level 5 mana (combined with costume bonus) is enough for me in fast war so I can use the excess to raise 1 of them to level 30.

HA6 is also useful for Iron Bank. I currently run it to boost my troop levelling.

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Been churning troops also there. Been hoarding them. I wish SG allows us to work on 3 HA functions instead of the current 2 so that I can train troops at HA4 also.


Hey all. Im new to this group.
I play a while now.
Maybe not the best place to put this, but im still sorting out here.

When you complete atlantis, would it not be nice so you get a title of “king of atlantis” and recieve 100 atlantis coins each event. Its so hard to get coins after you finish on hard mode. And we all would like more heroes of atlantis. I still havent got a 5* so far


When you finish every season, you don’t get the title as “king” of that season. But it does mark in your profile as “Completed” when you finish successfully all the maps in that season. When finishing a season, it provides rewards from your Mission tab with S1 giving the poorest reward. Rewards include ascension mats and coins.

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