Faster hero development methods

What is the best and fastest way to develop hero. After a period of trainde wood sword and bag ends. and hero development. Is there another way?

You have to wait and search or to pay.
You can buy gems, summon several heroes and then feed the weaker to level up the good ones.

TC19 gives you an even faster opportunity than tier 2 (backpacks) and 3 (fast with swords). It takes 1 rugged clothes, only 2 recruits and gives you one 1* hero each minute. If you have enough food, you can start power-level your heroes with TC19.

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Probably the worst idea


I always find this to be an interesting question because if you go down the TC19 route in a hurry, yes you can speed level in the short term with all those 1* but in the long term it will cripple your food supply, recruit count and rugged clothes*. If you can pay for food, good for you because most of us can’t afford to do that.

On the other hand if you focus solely on backpacks (TC 2, 5-9) you will run out of back packs quickly.

Thirdly if you use TC11 this takes too long but you conserve food and get heroes for cheap.

Surely the fastest long term sustainable approach for FTP is a combination of the above methods based on your current supplies.


You’re definitely right. We did the analysis in this thread:

It’s about 3x more cost-efficient to buy world energy refills and farm than it is to buy pulls and eat what you get.


Only 3? Can’t be

300 gems for one pull and a 3 star is like 400 exp or something

Or 300 gems for 3 refills

I have 40 world energy capacity

So 120 energy, i guarantee you I would have 10 or 20 times more exp just from getting heroes for finishing levels

And then a ton of backpacks swords and recruits as well

The values worked out are weighted by the draw probabilities, since you get 4* and 5* too. It’s 3x minimum. That was assuming 15 WE. You’re right that the benefit goes up as your WE does. At 40 WE, it’s at least 8x as efficient.

The packs and swords (and farmability AM) boost things even higher. But since the question was dropping gems to speed level, I was looking at the immediate benefit rather than the additional benefit over time.

TC1/2 are very low hXP per hour compared with buying WE and farming for heroes.

Haha 5 star is 1200 exp 4 star is 900 exp

I personally think that’s absolutely stupid, imo 5 stars should give 20k exp or something like that considering how hard they are to get, but that’s for another topic

TLDR; don’t do summons to feed heroes

Yup. Well, I guess unless you’re the kind of person who burns $100 bills in the mansion fireplace instead of wood. Then, go nuts. You’ll probably save a whole 5 hours of farming per hero, and time is money, right? :rofl:

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