Faster Advanced Training Needed!

I have an obscene amount of training manuals and rugged clothes. I began to use them up by doing advanced training but it’s still not worth it to train those heroes if I want to level up my 4* and 5* heroes quickly. I can level up my 4* and 5* heroes Much faster with the sheer amount of heroes I acquire from the time it takes to train uncommon heroes, rather than train Advanced heroes. Please allow research to make Advanced training be much quicker, so that it is worth it to utilize these materials.

Rugged clothes for 2* feeders only in a half hour would be nice. 1* feeders suck resources almost without xp.

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I would definitely love a way to make guaranteed 2* feeders, not “uncommon OR common” for your TC2.
I am trying to do 5x5* at the moment and obviously when they get past say, level 30, it becomes unbearable to waste food on 1* feeders


We need some more votes on this, I just want a way to use these MATERIALS without suffering a whole day to train for a possible 2*…its riduclous

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