Fast war and Noor

I really don’t get it. I hate Noor. But I thought she would be awesome, so I maxed her. But Even at this fast war she is useless…

My opponent had anlot of minions spawned, so Noor had 3 minions up too (one of her special, she spawn a minion when the enemy does). However, none of her minions kills the enemies minions. The are supposed to kill all the tagets enemies… But they don’t.

And I thought that if a hero is down (like the center) when the battle is over (and you lost), then next time you attack that team again, Mother north can’t bring back the center… Apparently she can!

This is a rush war, so minions can come and go within a turn. The sparrow probably killed them while you aren’t paying attention

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How does your explanation metch the picture?
Even if Noors minions had killed the 3 minions from lady of the lake in the center, then how can she have made more minions and still have unused mana?

Because it’s a fast war, and skills fire literally every two turns. So minions of these heroes come and go. krampus, lotl and alfrike doesn’t have elf minions, which may imply that the sparrows have already killed those minions at that point

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