Fast, Very fast DoT

Unfortunately we have a problem here. Lately SG released a few very fast and fast DoT heroes that are AoE. So we have Clarissa, Vela, JF, (gravemake bonus)which do stack and will trigger fast and very fast, a decent tank should be able to stay alive until they trigger. When you will have 3 DoT it’s done you can’t do anything. Removing the effects it’s almost impossible because heroes with this ability are at most average. Healing not an option because there are just a few fast healers to keep up with the DoT. I don’t know if you can beat this kind of a team : Clarissa , JF/GM, Vela, tank(Telluria at the moment but any green tank would do) and cherry on top Drake Fong. By the time you charge your heroes they will have also a blind on them.

I would like to know if somebody has a solution to such defense. As a consequence any good green tank will shine and seems overpowered.

Costumed sonya is a solution, not best but decent

I think we will see more cleansers and ailment blockers coming in the next months, it’s the only possible way.

I’m lucky enough to have Grazul who helps a lot with those heroes but that is certainly where the meta is headed and counters will be required I think

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Cleansers and blockers would need to be fast and that means other slow heroes will be useless

None of the mentioned Heroes is easy to get as they are/were HotMs as well as their respective counters Zimkitha, Grazul and Malosi, Aeron. You can get 2 other counterplays in Costume Rigard, Sonya and soon Caedmon as 3rd.

Heal over time combined with a Full healer also works fine (Brynhild from S3 offers a fast healing option!)

Minions as well as increasing HP (Heimdall and soon Kashhrek) can also help

So there are multiple counterplays but i agree that there is a lack of Options in certain colors. That’s why you need to combine colors instead of mono. Yellow offers alot of mana-control and blind effects, blue and red can reduce attack and therefore lower DoT. Purple offers the best cleansing hero in the game as well as mana control and Green offers resurrection and exclusively HP-Buffs.

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