Fast Pass to Active Player Lounge

As some of you may know, we have a separate “Invite Only” category here on the forums called “Active Players Lounge”. There isn’t much discussion there, but I like to use it to ask feedback about some of the things we’re planning.

There are multiple ways you can get an invitation, such as:

  • Reaching the Top-100 and staying there for a while
  • Leading an alliance that gets to the Top-100 and stays there
  • Being active here on the forums by writing good, coherent posts.

I thought I would add one more way as an experiment. If you want to apply for a “Fast Pass” to the Active Player Lounge, please fill out this form explaining in your own words how the current War Matchmaking works, and what you personally think are the pros and cons of that system.

We will read through every application, and if we’re especially impressed by what you wrote, we’ll invite you to the lounge!


Just to clarify, is that explain how we understand the mechanics of the program to work?


I think I am active. But I don’t know what does the cons and the pros means.

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I had no idea there was an invite only active players lounge.



Pros - the positive bits
Cons - the negative bits


There are any positive bits in AW ?
Hhahahaha jk :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for explaning :hugs:


Depends on if you won or lost your last war it seems.


I am in my alliance.
Ofc we won :sunglasses: :smoking:


I don’t think this answer is going to get me admitted to the secret club, so you get it here:

  • You never explained properly how Matchmaking works. Important parts have been left out.
  • There’s no fun in trying to guess about something that doesn’t work very well, and also missing parts of information. Well, at least for me.
  • IMHO, from now on: Wars are broken a lot deeper than matchmaking. Lots of players seem to think that matchmaking by pitting very similar alliances is going to improve something. I think if the matchmaking worked well in that regard other deeper problems will become obvious. So, frankly, I’ve hoped all this time you’ve been posting updates that at least some at SG understand this and that’s why you guys have not been in a hurry to fix something which wasn’t that difficult to fix in the first place.

I hope they will accept me in the club of the lucky ones of the elite squad :crossed_fingers:


i know this is not the point of point of the thread, so apologies for derailing the topic, but do you guys ever intend to open the beta applications again?


Ya know, you could try to sell it a bit better than that…


Sorry, don’t want to get ignored even there.
I pass.

Well, Mhalttu, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten yourself in to. The label “Active Player” is dead wrong. Every player using all the allotted flags plus flasks and takes part in events is an active player.

Your target seems to be all those playets who have abandoned this “Community” forum for their own alt E&P websites.

Bright idea with very dim, idk, everything else


You’re obviously not “royalty” :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was waiting for just the right place for that snark…well played

That was almost too easy, lol…

Man said there is a place for a snark, and that was it

Thank you all who applied so far, we have reviewed the applications received and added the accepted players to the lounge! :slight_smile:


Ah there we go… I was wondering how long before your post got flagged… Also, I didn’t know you could “say” ■■■… Thanks ! :laughing:

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