Fast pace - time spent on game is also important

This game is getting hectic. I like new additions to game like trials, emblems, tournaments.
But charm of this game for me is slow grind and dedicating 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon and occasional play when I can. The pace is now going to be a lot faster a lot more things to do and that costs time.
I enjoy this game cause it is not demanding on my time (I have a life :)). Constant additions will make me to either lose more time on game or have slower progress than the other players.
Please add something to compensate for our time.
I suppose some easy solutions might be when completing season you can do farming for that season without loot tickets or playing missions. That would free up a lot of time. Keep the loot tickets for unfinished seasons. Also maybe you can improve mechanism of feeding heros so we do not scroll as much (I saw some topics on this issue).
Any other opinions ?

Nahhhhhh. There’s not enough to do in the game, adding more things is good. A lot of people sit at work bored and playing on their phone. This game is an outlet. More often than not, there’s nothing to do on this game if you’re on top of it.

Yes adding things is good, but lets speed up some things.
Lets get scrolling out of the way, time consuming with no effect for the game or player.

How do you think you can get rid of scrolling? I don’t even understand this complaint

when you select to upgrade hero you get offered tab to go immediately to 1* and 2*. or something similar.

So the half second it takes you to scroll down to your feeder heroes is a huge inconvenience that the developers should spend hours on to fix…?

Why not? it is an ergonomic improvement. They will spend few hours once and in turn save a lot more for players. And I have seen players that do a lot of scrolling (paying customers).

even simpler solution would be when hero is selected for upgrade you go immediately to the bottom of the list. Programming of this solution would be few seconds.

@zephyr1 you wanna move this to the ridiculous complaint thread?

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