Fast mana heroes firing slower than opponents slow mana ones


One player in our alliance is having issues with his heroes’ mana filling slower than opponent’s Alzar and colen. This happened 7 hours ago in war 1PM EDT (UTC-4), and during raids. He rebooted his phone, reloaded the game, and it’s still an issue.
Please help.


On defense heroes gain mana every turn and gain mana when they get hit with tiles. You can charge up an opponents slow hero before charging up your own fast hero. That’s part of the strategy on offense, figuring out who to crash tiles into and who to try avoiding. Like if rigard is tank and you can’t kill him very quickly with tiles, he’ll just heal up anyway. So that’s when you aim tiles at him and ignore his healing and charge your heroes mana.


You don’t want to crash tiles into Guinevere or gravemaker however.


Thanks SWEG,
but this player’s been on for 10 months with a 4000+ TP, so has enough experience to tell that the mana generation is off.


Lots of peeps in my alliance are having the same problem with mana gen. Most of us have been playing a year or longer. Raids seem to be off too.


This is still a problem. Slow mana heroes of the opposition seem to have fast mana generation while attacking heroes (fast mana generation) can’t even get a single special attack. It’s not every time, but when it happens have to reset the game. Either way, that’s lost time and rss.