Fast heroes only, others are dead

Your statement

Made reference to his response and the response of some others. Quite explicitly. I don’t know if he actually took offense, but it is a somewhat barbed statement so it wouldn’t surpries me if it did. It basically says “You are only winning because you have OP heroes”. And that very condescending bit at the end

So I guess neither of your statements were “funny”

On topic - everyone is trying to get their heroes as fast sa possible. That is why I value emblems and level 17 troops so highly, to get my average heroes to 9 tiles so that they can charge at the same time (usually) as my fast heroes. However, I still used to win with 10 tile heroes, and I still use slow heroes. Example - my anti Freya team of Baldur (9 tiles), Lady Wool (9 tiles), Wilbur (9 tiles), Noor (12 tiles), Gullinburisiti (12 tiles) is effective against most of the top defenses. However if you try to run 5 slow heroes you will most likely lose. Slow heroes need even more consideration about who to run them with and how to use them effectively


Is Ariel or Mitsuko OP?

Of course they are. Any heroes that are not S1 slow heroes are OP

The thread title and opening post don’t even mention quality or slow - just that all heroes less than fast are obsolete. Kind of a sweeping claim, which others have come on to modify so that it almost makes sense.

It’s no lie or controversial opinion that fast heroes are usually preferred, especially in nowadays meta…

For me Mana speed is not that significant, but even when using average ones I feel that sometimes they are way too slow.
Opponent is already charged and hitting meanwhile none of my guys are full yet, missing that damn one or two tiles that are nowhere to be seen…
my mana troops are 12-13lvl. Can’t level them faster because i got no food - hey, blame on me for missing that food offer, huh ? :expressionless:

I don’t like using slow healers on offense tho, they are usually dead before firing special.

I do feel that SG shouldn’t make fast hit alls…

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I do. Usually 3-4 of them. Often 2 are slow.

And I also win as much as I lose.

I also have two slow S1 on my defence and I sit comfortably in diamond.

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One would think that adding laughing emojis at the end of a sentence is the obvious way to imply one is joking.

Now for the condescending part: I guess there are people who get easily triggered by other people’s posts. Not my fault they take my words in a personal way.

Humor is relative.

So yeah, back to topic and in all seriousness before people get pissy again. If you and the other guy wouldn’t have skipped the important part of my second post, you would’ve noticed my attack team isn’t exactly the best, and we are actually on the same side of the discussion. We fight uber teams with whatever heroes we get.

Again, this is my anti Friggodin/BK team:

Kunchen +20: Slow. Sturdy. He’s usually the last one standing when bad boards happen.
Frida +20: Average. Sturdy. Not exactly the best for damage dealing. Elemental debuff is nice if she’s able to charge her special.
Grimm +20: Average. Always the first one to die. He really sucks, not gonna lie.
Richard +1: Frida and Zulag took all the emblems, so he sucks for now.
Lord Lepus +20: Fast. Hits like a train. The only decent hero in my blue mono.

I win 60% of the time by the way. Kind of frustrating. So I can only imagine how frustrated OP must be to have started this thread. Imo people shouldn’t be so fast to dismiss others’ opinions. I think OP has a valid point too. This meta is all about fast heroes.

Agree with this 100%. The addition of fast hit all heroes like Frigg, Odin, and the awful group of ninjas has changed the meta in a worse way than Velluria ever did. These new heroes make most of the old heroes look slow and weak by comparison. Without high level troops, average / slow heroes can barely compete in diamond arena.

Only good thing from all this: Raid formations will be back again. Soon we’ll have to deal with double overpowered tanks and other crazy team formations lol.

We’ll all be screwed by the new meta. That’s for sure.


Honestly, speed was a huge factor before emblems. The game is going super heavy to emblems, and to a lesser degree costumes. More so than Mana speed, you need jack your hero stats over their base. That’s unquestionably the most important thing right now.


Emblemed vs non-emblemed heros are actually most noticable in 3 and 4 star tournaments for me. Unemblemed heros die SO much faster, it’s hard to even compete with them.

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Ahhh a true classic click bait troll post if I ever saw one.

Comes on and says anything not at least fast is irrelevant, doesn’t post in the thread again.

Deserves a :cookie: for the effort


Yes but how about mana troops ? many top players on leaderboards are all pair up very high levelled mana troops to their heroes, even that hero is fast or ninja hero.

I thought mana troops didn’t affect Ninja hero mana charging rate?



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I did a rough test, mana speed is faster when paired up with mana troops. But I still not very sure because mana charging rate seems not regular every time, sometime charge faster sometime is slower (= normal ?).


Hmmm, interesting. I was under the impression heroes like Ariel and Hel do not affect Ninja mana rate. They are also, I believe, supposed to be unchanged in V.Fast tournaments.

I wonder if this is intended or a bug.

I think the mana bonus affects “charge” mana heroes (ninjas) but rush rules slow them from “charge” to “very fast” (ie 6.5 tiles PER bar instead of the regular ninja charge pattern)

I have to agree, some of the fast heroes are too strong for a fast hero and only lucky shields is the way to win. For me I do not attack opponents anymore containing a Odin Bela or Frigg Bela 80-20 combination. I have a lot of good heroes Loki for example, but he is to slow in a normal fight against them. Most of my heroes are dead or near dead, before I am able to kill one, even though the shield combo is not bad. My favorite combination is Odin, Frigg and Bela in one team. I have none of these heroes, but I will never make the mistake to attack such a team again even though my power is 400 above the opponent’s one.

Slow heroes a only good in rush attack fights, but these fight a only lucky games, as I had to expect in the last raid tournament.

So let’s hope that we get these heroes, even though it is impossible to get Valhalla coins from these stupid gnomes


My Heimdall, Lady of the Lake, cAzlar, Snow White, cVivica, cElena, Miki, cIsarnia, Santa Claus, even Guardian Owl… would disagree. I win over 80% of my raids, and these heroes are used regularly.

And in rush wars/tournaments? Amazing.

The average and slow heroes being tested for new Starfall Event are looking quite interesting…

Krampus, too… but OP is talking about attack heroes, not defense and that makes them pretty much right. As the overpowered defensive heroes usually come packed with lots of emblems (soon to be limit broken) and high level mana troops, there’s little chance for an average or low speed attacker to keep up with them…

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