Fast heroes only, others are dead

Other heroes then fast or very fast are dead in this game. Maybe only exception is middle hero in raid. Other than that, non-fast heroes are pretty much dead and have absolutely no chance against fast heroes, like frigg, odin, freya or Bera.


This may come as a surprise to people that have Alfrike, Lord Loki or Elizabeth.


Oh crap. How have I been winning raids against Frigg/Bera/Odin with 4 average speed heroes?!?

I must be doing something wrong. Sorry to all those I took cups from.


I use Proteus against them, they rarely use cleaner


If your only strategy is to hit, hit, hit then yes I can see this being true.

Edit: my most-used heroes in raiding are Ariel and Isarnia. Neither are fast. I can still beat the FBO teams on occasion.

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My slow, first gen, passive lacking Alberrich begs to differ. That dude has saved my hide many, many times.



Should i stop using my Boril against Frigg, Odin etc. :S

Almost all my offense teams have at least one slow or average speed hero. They do just fine.

My favorite raid/farm team has two Gullinbursti at +20. I pair them with three fast/VF/ninja heroes. Again, they do just fine.


In offence team. In defense team I get him always first and I bet the others do the same. Same for Margaret. I don’t use her in defense but in offence she is great.

I must respectfully disagree. A lot of average and slow heroes are still very powerful even in today’s environment.

Lady of the lake

Guardian kong
Black knight


Guardian gazelle


Just all those who came up my mind within seconds.

And yes, some snipers can help a lot but building stable an realiable teams needs some more.

Take as example:
kirilC rigardC aegir skadi seshat
Mostly everything needed is in this team.

  • Heal
  • heal over time
  • heal with tiles
  • cleaner
  • dispeller
  • enemy attack downer
  • enemy defense downer
  • brutal minion slayer
  • high damage sniper
  • soul link
  • own defense up
  • own attack up

And only seshat is fast there. And she is the most squishy one if she has no minions up.


Pssst. Hooray for Noor!

(runs away)



Only a matter of time before people start posting raids showing off their slow heroes overcoming that stereotype. LOL

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I found one to get it started :thinking:

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Are you talking on attack team, on defense team, or both?

Funny how some people here reply to OP with ‘how come I’ve been winning with my [insert OP average speed chara] lol’. Well, that is how :joy:

Take S1 heroes against very fast heroes. See what happens :wink:

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That’s not what was said though.

If you want to move the goalposts to fit your narrative, at least own up to it.

And most of my attack teams have 1-3 S1 heroes on them.

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I agree that basically fast (or even very fast) heroes has advantage no matter on offense or defense. Most of the players love fast hero and devs know that.

Extreme example is Ninja heroes (except Jade), do you like them ? Do you want to get them ? I like them and I want to get them.

But to be fair some slow heroes especially healer and mana controller are useful (or necessary) and worth to max them, their slow mana speed could be improved by high level mana troops and talent knot, but that is a very long way to go with.

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Funny how you weren’t mentioned in my post but you still took offense to it :thinking:

Speaking of “narrative”, my attack team:
Grimm, Frida, Kunchen, Lepus, and Richard. One slow hero, three average, and only one fast. Pretty good combo against red tank teams.

So whose narrative is my post supposed to support again? Right, none of course.

It’s a game forum, not a political bs one :wink:

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