Fast and slow yellow heroes are same speed

At war yesterday I had Vivica, Ranvir and the jackal guardian together. None of them having a mana unit.
I got a combo, so how many yellow, I got, I don’t know, but all 3 of them needed just one more yellow to go off, which seems very odd, since Ranvir is fast and vivica slow.

Today another from my alliance is saying she has the same problem (a fast yellow needed 10 yellow bricks)

It will be very difficult to diagnose without screenshots…
Loads of ways it could be possible -

  • you’d fired jackal already so Viv and Ranvir were partly charged but Jackal wasn’t
  • the enemy had any kind of mana effect on jackal such as Chao’s mana cut or Little John’s mana gain debuff or a sorcerer delay talent or Proteus mana block or any combination of that.

Could any of these be a possibility?


Good reply, but it was in the beginning of the game. The enemy had buffs on itself, but not on mine. I hadn’t used any yellow hero. In fact I started the board with hardly any yellow so I felt lucky when a combo started with yellow bricks… Only to see that all yellow heroes all missing just one tile.
I can’t replicate it, because I have no more yellow slow (except an non-upgraded guardian owl) and no more war energy…

it happened to me as well just right now, jackal with mana troop 30, Drake with mana troop 12 and Poseidon with mana troop 1 and still drake and Poseidon were ready before Jackal, it was a titan hit and I didn’t use any mana on any of them

To me it seems weird, that all your heroes were just missing ‘one tile’. :thinking:
Just to be sure: could you please check the opponents’ team, whether there is any hero with a mana reducing effect (e.g. Li Xiu, Neith, Mitsuko)? As @JonahTheBard already suggested, it seems very likely that your heroes were completely charged and after that a small portion of mana was stolen from them.

I just tried to reproduce this effect in raids and farming. Everything worked absolutely unsuspicious for a team composed of very fast (Jackal, Malosi), fast (Poseidon), average (Onatel) and slow (Vivica) heroes. I checked for mana and crit troops as well - no obvious bug in that tests.

However, there was a bug with four small mana potions not loading very fast heroes a few weeks ago. It seems very unlikely that there is any connection to that issue, but I wanted to mention that one. Maybe someone sees any relation to that bug?

Did you try to reproduce that effect in another surrounding (i.e. raid, farming, titan)? It would be very helpful to see a video or at least screenshots to help you solve this issue. Same question @Lordangeleye ?

This was my opponents.

If I use my 3 yellow again, I’ll try to record it to see if it happens again.
Also I don’t think this has anything to do with small mana potions. It was war. Items weren’t allowed.

This one should be because of Morgan’s sorcerer talent - she could have reduced Jackal’s mana generation when she dealt a slash attack.


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