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Hi! C2p, been actively playing for about 2 months. I am running two TC11 and one that switches between levels 2 and 3, depending on the swords and backpacks. I grind on 8-7 while I’m at work using autoplay. Right now my goal is to build depth while I’m waiting on AMs, so I’m leveling 3*s. I have an Obakan and a Joon that are waiting on the depth before they start gobbling through my hams.

I tried waiting for 10 of one color before feeding as i know the special skill chances increase, but the RNG don’t gots no care for me. I’ve not leveled special skill at 90%, have leveled at 10%. I seem to be making better progress by feeding whatever pops out of the camps, regardless of color. I’ve not seen it mentioned here on my fast swings through the forum that the special can be leveled after reaching 3/50, but that’s how tutorial Bane got his wee sun.

Right now, using this technique, Brienne has gotten to 3/33 and 6/8 in 3-4 days. I’ll have her to 3/50 by the end of the day. If her special isn’t completed I plan on moving on to either Balthazar or Guardian Bat, once again feeding whatever color pops out of the camps first, but saving the greens for Brienne for that 100% chance of leveling the special. Then saving purples while i level a red, so on and so on.

I know this is heavier on the feeder heros but since I autoplay and have plenty of swords, it seems to be working out well. It took me 6 weeks to get Bane up, taking 4-5 days to level Brienne. The question, though - am i missing something? Am I going to go through a couple of months of this and hundreds of feeder heros, only to live on regret? Thanks for your input!

It’s not just the chance of special skill, you also level each hero faster when using same color feeder.

But you might find that as you’re earlier in the game, you progress faster by getting useful heroes levelled up quickly. Or if you don’t have heroes of every color to level, you don’t want to stick to that strictly.

It’s not a big deal either way, but all things being equal I’d still recommend same color feeders.

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I wouldn’t level one at a time until you have a fully maxed hero (special skill maxed as well) in every color. Eventually you are going to want 6 attacking teams for alliance war. Right now if you’re raided you have what a Bane and a Brienne? So you’ll end up losing a lot of cups and get frustrated by that. This is a very long term hero development game. You can’t breeze through leveling heroes unless you have an unlimited budget to sink the resources into that.

It is difficult when you first start out to have enough resources and keep 10 feeders in each color, especially when the amount of feeders you can keep is limited. It’s a question of should I only feed 7 to hero a so I get a chance to get 10 heroes for hero b. So I understand power leveling to begin with. It’s just better to do Balthazar with 10 purples at a time (just using him as an example)

Thank you for the replies. I hadn’t considered that I was giving up levels by mixing colors.

I have a maxed Gormek, Kailani, Tyrum, Bane, and Belith. Sonya and Proteus are both stuck at 3/60. Obakan was my first 5* and I have him at 2/16, but i was getting whupped in wars and it felt like he was not earning his hams, so i turned to the 3* i had ignored.

In raids I hang between 1100-1300 cups - aggravating place to be.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the OP, but there is no statistical advantage to “eating” more than one feeder hero at a time; actually its the opposite: if you get a 1% chance of your talent leveling up with each feeder, then if you level up with 10 feeders, you have a 10% chance. this is true whether you do all 10 at once, or in 10 separate runs. However, when you do 10 separate runs, there is a chance you might have your talent level up more than once.

Ages ago, someone calculated all the odds in a thread, but I’m far too lazy to find it – sorry!

Oops, forgot the conclusion: this means you shouldn’t bother to wait to have 10 blue hero’s before you level up Isarnia.

Also, note that you can have multiple “teams” – I usually have the following teams, in this order:

  1. Minor League (hero’s I’m currently levelling up – I put a rainbow in here, it keeps them at the top of my hero checklist).
  2. Raid partying (the team I use on P2P raids)
  3. Farm Team (the team I use to farm resources – I like farming S1, 9-1; best flag/stuff ratio IMHO)
  4. Defensive Squad (this is my defense against others attacking)
  5. Team Titans (for attacking titans).
    Remember that E&P will consistently use whatever team you last used for a given task, so if you raid with team 2, next time you raid, it will default to team 2. If you farm with team 3 and raid with team 2, it will stay that way, and neither will screw up your defense team.

Also, if you aren’t aware, you can lock heroes to prevent accidentally eating someone you plan to level up later.

Sorry for the schooling, but I read the OP as being new to the game – If I was wrong, sorry!


Me 'n math ain’t good friends and I resent this game for making me think more about probability I have since I was keeping worksheets in a Trapper Keeper, but for percentages of increasing specials you want as close to 100% as you can get, yes? Why else would you feed 10?

ETA thanks for the team suggestions, it makes the organization much less aggravating. I am newish, and in an alliance I don’t want to leave as it’s buddies. I hope they get bored so I can go hit larger titans workout abandonment guilt.

Overall, sortof – but there’s a few caveats:
if you do ten 1% summons at once, your probability is 1/100+1/00…etc = 10/100 or 10%
if you do ten 1% summons, the math is ultimately identical (1/100 the first time + 1/100 the second time… etc. = 10/100), however the odds of getting it twice are zero in the first case and ~1% overall in the second. Getting it three times would be ~0.1% etc. by doing all 10 at once, you’ve got a 10% chance of getting one. by doing them separately, you’ve got a 10% chance of getting 1 + a 1% chance of getting 2, etc.

Also, once your hero is fully leveled, the special ascension odds increase 10-fold, so if you don’t get it all the way up before the end, it’s pretty easy to make up the missing bits.

So if I’m understanding you correctly by feeding one at a time it gives you a small mathematical increase in special skill leveling? Or are you specifically discussing only summons? On feeder heros, whatever. But I can see why it would be useful on seasonal summons.

Also, because of your suggestion I was this many years old when i discovered that team names can be changed. Whoa. That removes so much aggravation.

I was feeding only same colour until my roster grew enough that i didn’t care anymore.

Feeding same colour gives you 18% more xp.
In other words. With diet of colour feeding, you will max 5 heroes instead of 4.

As far as leveling specials, most of people has issues with 3s. Try using only 1star feeder heroes on 3s that will increase your chances.
And feeding 10 at a time is best for your food. As every new level of a hero, gets pricier for feeding. So iwth putting 10 heroes, and jumping 5 levels, you will pay the price for intitial level.

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I think the idea behind leveling 10 at a time vs 1 at a time is that when you level 10 at a time you get say a 10% chance to increase the special (it is higher because 2* heroes have a higher %). When you level 10 at a time, you get a higher chance of leveling the special in that one turn. But you also get more XP so you do not need to hit the level button as often. When you level one at a time you will get less XP and have to level more frequently giving you more chances for the special to increase.

In the end it doesnt REALLY matter that much. With 3* you will more often than not max the special before the hero. But if you do not, once a hero is at 3-50 you can still feed that hero and the chance for special increase goes up a LOT (cant recall the exact percent, but if you level 5 at a time you will almost guarantee an increase).

I would also strongly recommend at your stage (and forever into the future) to always have 5 heroes to work on (one of each color) so you are always feeding like colors. This is the best and most efficient way to level heroes and you will constantly be improving your team/depth. You may want to change that tactic if you are trying to power level a particular hero, but in general I always have one and only one hero of each color in progress.

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