Farsight Telescopes and Boards

We’re in pretty similar zones. I might have a little advantage over you through sheer, dumb luck, or I might have been consistently collecting a somewhat higher tier of Titan loot or raid loot. Either way, for at least one colour (and probably more) we can both ascend the same number of heroes. I think that’s sort of what we would expect.

Well I’m a bit jealous of that 19 #… meaning that you are able to ascend 3 of all colours. I’m still stuck at two for some, while at the same time, finding rings isn’t even exciting anymore

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I believe the next frostmarch is March 7th…please add this to your to do list.

EDIT: it starts today!! Sorry for the misinformation in the first post. 3/7/19.


Same here i cant accend Athena bec. of lacking of telescope… waiting for telescope since january i think… i am active in all activity in empires and puzzles even an class A attacker in war in titan… never got any telescope except from frostmarch… is this normal? @Rook

It’s hard to answer that without more detail. What we can say for sure is that it’s not unusual to have collected no scopes since January. It is, after all, only March.

It’s good to receive an ‘A’ grade when you are attacking Titans, but the key determinant of the likelihood of receiving ascension materials is your loot tier. Getting an ‘A’ grade against 6* Titans (loot tier VIII) will produce considerably worse loot, over the long term, than getting a ‘C’ grade against 10* Titans (loot tier X).

How rewarding your raid chests are will similarly be directly affected by their tier. If you’re opening chests in the silver tier then one would expect them to produce fewer scopes over the long term than chests in the diamond tier (although with such small probability events, it’s quite possible for silver tier to outperform diamond in the short term).

And then there are events and quests. Are you completing them all? If so then you’re maximising your ascension material returns from them - you can’t do any better than that, unless you have the skills and resources to attempt to place in an event.


I believe there is Frostmarch coming within a week, there is your chance to get another telescope, the next Frostmarch will come around 70 days later.

Frostmarch was actually doable with 3* team: Brienne, Belith, 2 x *3 green, a spirit linker and a lot of mana potions is enough (I did that myself).

I have been playing for 4 and a half months, so far I got 2 telescope (1 from Frostmarch in early January this year). I think some of us have trouble getting balanced ascension materials. I never got Poison Darts from loot, the only one I have came from quest. Meanwhile, I somehow manage to have 6 Mystic Rings:

Hopefully, it can be addresed by the implementation of Alchemy Lab, they say it will come out this year:


The suggested Team Power (TP) to defeat the hardest level of Frostmarch is 3120. Sometimes it takes a little more or less. But you should be fine with 3300+.

Use greens against their blues (double damage), and make sure you’re not taking a team made of all healers, or with all low attack power…


He needs almost 2 dozen scopes, one every couple weeks is just plain dumb and greed is killing your game … open your eyes, hes not asking how to beat a lvl hes asking why it’s so absurdly ridiculous to obtain items everyone needs to make the game fun!!!

Don’t assume that the only people who are ok with the mechanics of the game are people who are super lucky. I have 2 maxed 4* and 0 makes 5* so far. Yet I’m at peace with the drop rates of AM.

This game is a marathon, not a sprint. And that’s by design. The developers haven’t “fixed” the availability of AM because they’re not “broken”; they’re working as intended.

If you’re looking for a game where you can get all the best heroes really quickly and then level them up super fast, this game probably isn’t the right game for you.

That’s OK though. There are very many games available these days catering to all tastes and preferences. If the design of this one doesn’t work for you, the options are almost limitless.


I have been fortunate drawing hero’s. That being said, I know some that have been playing longer than me with one 5*.

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As I’m c2p mostly just vip, I’m quite aware of the mats and possibility of pulling 5*. Yes the odds are not great but they are posted, so it is what it is!

As far as higher titans better drops being unfair, well to be honest I don’t agree, the games about rewarding progression. So the stronger your main team gets the more you can achieve, therefore the reward is better loot. That seems pretty normal to me.

Yes I’d love better drop rates on both, but I’ve been playing for 6 going on 7 months and other than a brief gloves shortage, I’ve managed to keep maxing 4* hero’s without any problem and even the odd 5* when I’ve been fortunate to pull 1.

Personally I’ve come to the conclusion that the first 6-8 months is about maxing your city and working on 4* hero’s to get depth. Then your find yourself in a position to have mats for the 5*

Most of the mat moans seem to revolve around the issue of ppl pulling like crazy early then not having mats to max their 5*. Whilst I understand the frustration, I’ve found walking before I csn run has served me well.

I have a very simple first year plan, max all buildings (well down that path, another month and I’ll be there), build 25 x 4* to max ideally 5 of each element ( currently have 12 maxed, and 18 more at 3/60, so on target), next a rainbow 5* maxed def team (1 maxed 1 4th tier, need to pull better 5* for the other 3, but confident) and finally collect a rainbow set of 4* troops (well this one I’m really struggling on, only pulled 2 red 4* so far from 40+ tokens, so ever hopeful). Realistic aims less frustration and very much enjoying the game


I’m a fellow player here, don’t let the volunteer mod hat fool you.

Just like everyone else, I’ve had to find my ascension materials where I can. Sometimes Rare Quest is the best bet (it’s the only one that’s guaranteed), so I will tell someone how to beat it.

This whole thing started when he said he’d only obtained 2 out of 5 guaranteed Telescopes in a year. We’ve all been trying to help him sort it ever since. :slight_smile:


To me the lack of AM should counteract the people who get lucky and draw 3 5* in a 10 pull or those who can afford a 90 pull every atlantis summons and get 4 or more 5*

So I am actually happy about the AM drop rate to a degree.

With that being said it is still a bit unbalanced with the fact there are alot more 5s then 4s in the game at this point. We just had at least 8 new 5* heroes added this year versus 2 new 4* heroes. Almost all the 5* would make great additions for almost anyone. While the 2 mere 4* heroes are niche. The captain could become quite a valuable hero while the cat is interesting and may or may not help you out depending on your team makeup and play style.

I would like to see more 4* heroes introduced to this game and their drop rates slightly increased to balance out the lack of AMs needed for 5*s while providing more value in the draws for everyone.

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Moderator = unpaid volunteer who helps out with the forum. She’s not a game designer. Also, please take it down like 3 notches. I get that you’re unhappy, but there’s no need to insult people who disagree with you.


I have to say I might commiserate with you more, if you would be a bit more polite to your fellow players. Because @Rook IS a fellow player. She is not an employee of SG. She is a volonteer moderator, as she pointed out. And as you suggest that we should act like adults - then please do.

Yes, there are a lot of posts complaining about various things in the game - that is true. However, that is mostly due to the fact that people are much more likely to create a forum account to post a complaint than for any other reason. In fact, many complaints are made just because someone doesn’t understand game mechanics.

Since a lot of good advice has already been offered here - I will not repeat it.
As a side note - 8 months into the game isn’t really that far in.


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A reminder that name calling, insults, personal attacks, and bullying are all prohibited by #forum-rules.


This topic has been discussed extensively. There is fairly widespread agreement that there is too much randomness in too many aspects of the game. Even setting aside the conspiracy theorists who think that the game is out to get them, it’s certainly true that because of very low odds of getting the most valuable heroes and items, that some people get very few and others will get many more.

Progress in this game is slow by design. Getting legendary cards and epic ascension materials are the two primary gates included in the game to keep progress slow. My experience, with both a free-to-spend and cheap-to- play account, is that rare ascension materials drop pretty much at the rate that a cheap-to-play player will acquire and level heroes. The problem arises when people spend a lot of money summoning heroes, thinking that they can ascend them all. You can’t. Buying summons gives you the choice of which heroes you can ascend with the limited supply of epic ascension materials.

One of the highest value uses for gems is to speed up the wanted missions. These provide a slow but steady trickle of rare and epic ascension mats. You’ll also get elemental chests more often, and these are still a fairly solid source of epic ascension materials.

Progress in this game is measured in quarters, not months and certainly not weeks. There is no magic “win“ to the game. Enjoy your time, chat with new friends, find an alliance that fits your style.

BTW: the frustration of people like Anchor had nothing to do with missing telescopes.


The reality of the game is that you fight people at your level, so it doesn’t really matter how progressed your heroes are, the matching takes care of it.

I am very happy that you can’t buy success in this game, otherwise I would be spending too much money.
Therefore the am drops and the acquisition of heroes it just about right.
I am waiting for some AM which means I will either

  1. level up some 3 * for events and trials
  2. fully level up my 3:50 heroes.

It will be interesting to see what I think in a year.


Don’t like it leave.
Like it stay.

Constant whining and insults show a lack of intelligence


Hey @14Depalama14,

Did you complete the quest and get your scope?


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