Farsight Telescopes a myth?

I’ve been playing since October. I’ve only received 3 farsight telescopes since I’ve started. I think all from Frostmarch? I get more capes than any other ascension item but scopes are nowhere??? I know It’s RNG but man! Hook a guy up! I need ~16 of those things. Do I really need to wait 4 years to max Isarnia, Frida, Aegir & Richard (honestly was probably going to skip big Rich anyway…).

You’re killing me smalls

Rant over



*20 missing scopes.

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Count yourself lucky on the capes. I have received a total of 3 more capes than I have scopes.

Darts. That’s what I am wondering.


I’ve managed 8 darts in 5+ months. Maybe I’m lucky. What I’d give to max a blue 5* though


This is my inventory after 8.5 months:


Meanwhile I have no blue 5*.

In contrast in the same time I’ve gotten:

  • 6 Damascus Blades
  • 9 Tomes of Tactics
  • 8 Mysterious Tonics
  • 9 Mystic Rings
  • 11 Poison Darts
  • 6 Royal Tabbards

Definitely randomness in action, as usual, for the ascension mats, especially 4*.


If they’d let you trade I’d send you an OZ for half those scopes lol, or some of my dupe 5’s




In 2 years, I’ve received a bunch of ascension materials, and spend a bunch on 4* and 5* heroes. What I currently have left over is:

  • 14 Damascus Blades
  • 8 Tomes of Tactics
  • 6 Farsight Scopes
  • 16 Mysterious Tonics
  • 18 Mystic Rings
  • 14 Poison Darts
  • 6 Royal Tabbards

(Spent on 5*: 2 blues, 1 purple…on 4*: 2 blues, 4 reds, 3 greens, 3 yellows, 4 purples)


I included my “used” items in my counts, so it looks like you’re way ahead of me on some items (more than proportionally to play time), presuming you have a chunk that have gone toward final ascensions of 5* heroes.

EDIT: Now that you’ve added your “spent” list, it’s actually a more mixed bag — which isn’t surprising for the “RNG gonna RNG” nature of mats.


8 months:

12 D Blades
11 Tomes
11 Telescopes
10 Tonics
10 Rings
7 Darts
13 Tabards

(purchased a couple of tabard deals)

at least my RNG seems to like me :smiley:


That’s the one thing the ■■■■ game won’t stop giving me, I have 16 of them. I’ll literally take anything else stop giving them to meeeeee

You must be terrified of ice chests!

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GF received 8 darts, double digit orbs and hidden blades in 3 months of Titans / RNG — nothing else except the planned events and quests.

She’s choking on green ghetto heros.

It’s much easier for me - I just get nothing from the RNG lol

One thing I noticed over time is that certain ascension items seems to cycle…if you collect long enough, you get everything from everywhere. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely agreed, with time mats surely come around, once I had 12 H. Blades now I need just two more to fully ascend a Red 5* and it looks like it’s taking forever.:blush:


The next challenge event has a blade as a legendary completion prize. Also in a little over a month we get mount umber again. :slight_smile:

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Wou Zephyr1,
after 8 months of playing I received only 4 telescopes. I need 2 more for Magni and last I gained from Frostmarch in March.
It is sad that also from season 2 done I received Tonic not telescope, for me it is not logical that from Water empire we acquire nature ascension item. Or is it?
Maybe there can be some update :slight_smile:
Also I noticed that there is no Ice Seasonal event, only for this element there is any event. Is it in plans some Ice Empire event or not?

You get the other 3* and 4* materials you didn’t get in the first S2 completion reward for finishing Season 2 again in hard mode.

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To finish season 2 hard mode is now for me almost impossible :smiley: so I hope telescope will come from some other resource

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