Farsight Telescope is retired?

C’mon already… been waiting for probably 6 months, paying way too much, have you guys retired the realized Farsight Telescope that is required for ascension? Love this game, but I would think you’d have some fairness here with ascending 5* heroes. It’s ridiculous already. Just contributed lots of gems just hoping for ONE Telescope, but NOOOOOO. I’m running down my gems and if I get nowhere, I’m done. No more contributions. Such a shame. I appreciate some of your current efforts in providing the higher end heroes, but your troop support with upgrades is also extremely poor.

They’re the second rarest of the 4* items for me, which didn’t stop me getting one out of the Atlantis draw bonus chest when I opened one.

In 6 months you should have gotten 3 from the Frostmarch quest. It comes around about every 2 months

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Not every one can do that specially its a 3000+ tp
some people see this quests and say SERIOUSLY how to finish this with mixed 3☆ 4☆ heroes team?

If you are in need of telescopes you had better have a good 4* team already at 3500+, otherwise no need for telescope. I assume the OP has a 3500+ team.

You can beat the 5th level with a solid 3200-3300 and the right battle items, don’t be fooled by the suggested strength, I beat Halloween that said 4000 with a 3450 team.

I finished Halloween too. Not talking about my self now … talking about me in past year/6 months from now … with less solid 4☆ heroes.
With out lucky pull or 2 I got to now.
By then like any other f2p non skilled player with mixed 3/4 heroes … to beat 3000+ challange is just another pice of cake behind the glass of Helton hotel in Porma!

I was waiting over one year to get six scopes. They are the rarest items in the game. Probably there will be special offer in sesonal event if you dont mind paying…

Thanks everyone, some really good advice - very appreciated! I’ll hang in, love this game and still learning more about strategy - the best learning seems to be in raids and checking out other teams when I get my butt royally kicked! I have to say that the quality of the heroes I’m getting are getting better with season 2. I’ll try not to worry about the elusive Telescope.

For me Mysterious tonics are hard to get, telescope second hardest. Same time I have got many mysterious rings and red is only color, where I don’t have any red heroes to level up anymore!

lol do not buy that in store “chance” at ascension mat crap. look at odds. they’re horrible. your gems would be better spenton summons which have just as bad odds but at least you have mire options to get somethin useful

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