Farsight Scopes

Why are the scopes to ascend a 5* blue so hard to come by?

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Don’t know I had to wait 9 months for my first six-pack :roll_eyes:

Its just all random. Scopes have been my most prolific 4* ascension item. I have 15…and…no 5* blues lol. I do love this game, but dang lol.


I think that is how it always happens. Red is the color I am lacking a worthy 5* for with my 6 rings. Not sure Natalya fits that bill.

I did wait a few months before I was able to ascend Isarnia to the last tier but now she is on her way.

I have been playing for six months and have just 1 farsight telescope - the one I won from Frostmarch. And I have a couple of blue five star heroes. On the other hand, I have hoarded no fewer than 7 sets of mystic rings. Unfortunately, I have no red five star fighters… The random generator feature can be quite a pain in the neck…


twenty somethings

I think thats it. You have the AM you do t get the hero. You have the hero, you dont get the AM

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