🌚 Farrah – 5* Dark / Purple from Contest of Elements



Nice buddy!! :smiley::smiley: cheers :beers:

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I just got her as well from the elemental coins. Eros, Jett, C3 Sartana, CKage were already in queue. Seems like Farrah takes priority.

Bought the 4 for $3.99 deal, despite having talked myself out of it earlier in the day. Glad I changed my mind, lol.


I didn’t know that when Farrah states that her additional hits targets random enemies, what it really meant is always target the same hero

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Need help. Who is better of these two?

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They do very difference things. If you don’t have taunt, then Phorcys. If you need offense power, go with Farrah.

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Only this guy unlevelled

Yeah, I would level Phrocys over Krampus. You can’t go wrong with either Phor or Farrah.

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Lovely sisters


Depends 100% on what you want to do.

I have one Farrah LB2 and a second being leveled now.

Phorcys has been 3-70 pretty much since I summoned him in the very first portal he was available.

I have other taunters maxed so less need for Phorcys.
Ludwig LB1, c-BK & Kara are maxed while a c-Krampus is at 3-70, would also be maxed but they neutered him badly and there was no longer any point in maxing the hero when others were already available to me.

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I was super lucky to draw her with just a few individual elemental coins. She is devastating.

No, that’s wrong. She will hit multiple heroes.

You know that’s sarcasm right?

Wow twats got past them. Impressive
Yes i focused on wrong thing.