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Im certain this topic will be moved to an obscure corner where others posted the same question hundreds of times before, but im bad at navigating so i will ask anyways:

-Why cannot Farm/mine and Advanced Farm/mine be on the same timer?.. there is hardly a fashion statement or a question of flair to have them pop out resources at different intervals?

All mine are pretty much on the same timer. Just depends on when I collect them and how many I collect from at a time

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Yeah, same as @twist… If I collect them together, they’re available together.

You can collect from them at any time, even without the icon. See what happens if you empty them all now.

I know that, but why does people feel the urge to come up with ”i can live with that” answers everytime issues comes up?, wouldnt it be i little better finish on the GUI if things worked similar graphically?

If i say:
My fingers all have different length, but the available gloves has the same lenght on all fingers, could this be seen as an issue and maybe get carried fwd and get fixed?

Instead of you and twist replying:
-eeerh we can get used to have gloves with the same lenght on all fingers, because having sloppy fingertips on index-ring-little finger doesnt bother us…

*i was asking ”why cant”…

Sorry, I don’t understand the problem.

You want them on the same timer and we’re saying we think they they are, if you sync them once.

Have you tried to sync them?

Its just a cosmetic problem that the advanced farms/mines lets out the ham/ore symbol 10mins after the regular mines when they are lootable.

My question is:
-Does it have to be a cosmetic problem with the GUI in a game wich usually seems to strive to correct misspellings and other asymmetrical details?

If by synching you mean looting them in a row?
Then yes… every morning. :slight_smile:
Or is there other ways to sync them?

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Not somethin I’ve looked into.

But are we positive they’re on a timer or are the amounts calculated some other way?

Maybe the notifications pop up at certain % of the storage that farm can hold

Before we were used to all being uniform but now the odd farms/mines are at a different storage capacity than originals so takes them longer to hit x% of capacity to tell you to collect?

No idea btw. Just spitballin.

Fwiw i have noticed what you’re talkin about. And i collect all my farms and mines at the same time. But regardless my advanced farms and mines are always behind my originals. I just never thought much into it and just collected em before the notification popped up.


One way i guess to tell is collect now

Then when notifications pop up, collect again and take note of the amounts

And figure out the % those amounts are of capacity

If the %s of adv farm and normal farm come out the same then probly a good guess that they’re not timed.

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You seem to grasp what im fishing after, and you have a very plausible theory :slight_smile:

Key figure for farm is 21,886 and advanced farm 24,902 (full capacity divided by production per hour) which in effect means it takes more hours to fill the advanved ones making it a variance in % vs time.

That being said… wouldnt it be an improvement to the GUI if they still could pop out the ham/ ore at the same time because it takes a few extra moves to open the advanced farms first insted of just clicking the ham?

Eventually they all will

Believe long term plan is eventually all adv farms & mines

Except for Advanced House ( see notes).

You can collect from production buildings ever second ( see notes ).

The pop up reminder is for 10%, and 100%, full production storage ( see notes ).


(Any time resource collection or Collect buttons and 10% / 100% indicators or Collecting from Production buildings ( Farm/ Mine/ Advanced house))


Has anyone faced the issue where a building completely disappeared? One of my iron mines is missing since this morning. I need to mentions that following things are already done:

  • restarted the game
  • restarted the phone
  • no, I did not move the mine to another place by mistake
  • changed gamecenter account, logged in with another base and logged back into my main account
  • if trying to swap mines location, can’t click on that missing spot

Think you may be seeing things :slight_smile:

There have only ever been 3 buildings on that tier. No more. No less.



Well, now that you are saying I can realize that also. But something changed in the picture which made me think that a building is missing.
Thanks for clearing up the doubt Guvnor.

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