Farms and Mines lack of progression bar

Farms and Mines lack of progression bar, as shown in this image.

Since farms and mines can be collected at any time, unlike training camps and forges with progress bars, what would the progress bar indicate?

Time until the next hourly cycle completes?

Time until the built-in storage is full?

Something else?

Right observation but because Farms and Mines could reach a fulfil state in which not more food or iron would be produced and stored, I wish to know how long it will take to reach the fulfill state to came back and collect the resources before it will be too late.

Hey guys, but how do you play at this game? Just for fun or in a compulsive way to see how much time/money need to be exploited? :innocent:

Moreover, I like to get awaked in the middle of the night multiple times by worthless notifications. How much would be easy the life without impairing sleep deprivation? :joy:

I am joking but the bar would be nice to have.

I think a progression bar would make the base look too clustered. I just collect it whenever I’m on and see the symbol.
Fully leveled farms take ~ 21h to fill, mines ~18. If you log in twice a day you shouldn’t loose out on any ressources

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I agree with @Rapisu, this is essentially only an issue early on when farms and mines could potentially fill more frequently than some players check them. Once you start upgrading them, you have quite a long window, particularly since you can collect at any time you happen to be on the game.

My personal experience early on was that I was pleasantly surprised how infrequently you need to collect resources in this game to avoid losing overflow. I’ve played other games that are far less generous with collection windows, particularly when you first start out.

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I see the point about messing the screen with bars that would be not useful for advanced players which are those which dedicate more effort to the game and payback to the editor.

However, some players feel the need to have a collecting all button and I suggested to display it as a clock into the tower or into the castle. The clock could show the player’s timezone hour like a true clock but also a timer.

In such a case the timer is less obvious to define but I would set it as the deadline when all the resources would fullfill their store capacities. After that deadline no anymore production will be store and available.

This is a way to join to needs without messing up the main screen and add a nice particular, instead.

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It would be nice to know how full they are, similar to the watchtower.

@gregschen Funny you should bring that up, someone else just did the other day:

@Kerridoc @Rook Merge?

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D’oh! My bad! Thanks for pointing out!

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So, my reason for wanting this feature is VERY niche:
All my buildings are fully leveled, and I’m nearly out of crafting materials to make battle items. Therefore, my iron storage is constantly full. “Who cares?” you might ask. Well, I’ve got the “Collect Iron V” mission on my radar. One of a handful of remaining missions I haven’t completed, so I do care a little!
The only time I can actually collect from mines, and make progress on that mission, is when I’ve farmed crafting materials to forge battle items. As such, it would be useful to know exactly how much iron is available to be collected from my mines, so I use exactly that much iron in my item forging, and don’t “waste” any iron collection on the myriad of other iron sources.

I agree it would be nice having a visual indication how much food/iron is in a farm/mine. Initially I thought something of this


If that is too obtrusive of design then simply add amount farmed/mined to “more” button.

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