Farming - season 1 or season 2?

Hi all ! Did anyone did statistics on the odds of getting an item in Season 1 and Season 2 ?
As I need rugged clothes for my training in level 19, I did a test on a small sample of 50.
On 1-7-7, 2-4-10 stage 1 and 2-4-10 stage 2, I get the same ratio item/energy :
1-7-7 min 0 max 3 item/energy 0,33
2-4-10(1) min 0 max 5 item/energy 0,33
2-4-10(2) min 0 max 8 item/energy 0,33
This seems to indicate that there is no interest to go farming on season 2, except that the experience points are a bit higher (per energy 1-7-7 236, 2-4-10(1) 283, 2-4-10(2) 296) But the difference is so small that it does not justify the time spent, unless you use loot tickets.
Do you have a different point of view due to your own experience?



Think i found u an interesting debate if you wanna kill some time lol


Having the VIP loot tickets, what i do to make the most of my world energy is when I wake up during the night I use 2 loot tickets to do season 2 stage 1 hard mode. It’s a very good ratio of energy/loot tickets and it gives about 5-12 backpacks, which I start on TC2 and wake up with a good haul of 1* and 2*.

For the rest, I farm 8-7 when I lack recruits and 12-9 when I don’t. On autoplay.


Also if you want to farm season 2 you need to do hard mode for 10 energy, this is where the item/WE ratio explodes.

This link was posted elsewhere. It seems to be the most comprehensive and current data-driven farming guide. It found 2-4-8H to be best for Rugged Clothes.


I’m part of that farming data collection/analysis project, and having fun with it. (We could use more contributors if you are interested in helping; pm me @ Line ID barrywuzhere )

If I’m not chasing S2 missions (which I’ve taken a break from), or working an event, I’ve been farming for recruits, as well as my favorite TC fueling items, in order, Rugged Clothes, Backpacks, and Practice Swords.

If I’ve got a monster chest open, I fill it immediately in the 3-flag zone (I have enough flags to do it in any of 7-7, 8-7, 6-8 with full flags)

I’ve been farming S1/7-7, for good recruits and more rugged clothes than 8-7 or 6-8.

But I finally got enough recruits to eat through my surplus swords, and when I build up a ~month of recruits in TC11, I’ll probably start farming S2 someplace for other things, since I don’t see much value in stuffing away thousands of recruits right now. (I’ve still got plenty of heroes to ascend and level up!)

NOTE: If you are farming for a preferred 1* ascension mat (Backpacks, Rugged Clothes, Practice Swords, or those dreaded Training Manuals), note: The provinces which have “more frequent” ones appear to provide 2x the frequency of the preferred item (at the expense of the others) in S1, in S2/Normal, but 3x the frequency in S2/Hard. So if you really want more packs or more rugged clothes, use S2/Hard, instead of S2/Normal. And be aware that the recruit return per stage doesn’t correlate between normal and hard; For example, best packs and recruits combo in S2/1-Norm isn’t the same stage as the best one in S2/1-Hard


Thank you ! @Kerridoc @BarryWuzHere sorry, I missed that one :confounded:

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