Farming red monsters

Hey guys!
I found a lot of topics indicating 20-4 for elemental chest, but which level is best to fill up both monster chest and fire chest at same time?
I am trying 20-4 but it gives 11 per battle and 55 with all my WE. So I didn’t find a good place with red monsters and 4 rounds of monsters to fill the monsters chest altogether. Someone has a good idea?

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I don’t think there’s any better idea than the one you’re doing. “Gather”-quests also hold red monsters iirc.

Check out this post. Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP

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20-4 is the best Season 1 level for red. The others will also work, in descending order.

From Season 2, try 3-4 and 3-8 normal. (Tip given by 321Trotter)


In fairness, there isn’t really an ideal level for farming red monsters for the chests, but 20/4 is the least bad in my experience. A red titan and red heroes from raids also count, but they’re a drop in the bucket compared to the 150 required for comlletion of a fire chest.


19/20-4 give a fixed 11 kills, 5-8 and 6-8 are 3 wave levels that can give 11 at the very most but for 3 flags. 4-1 can give, I think, up to 14 Red for 3 flags.


Yeah I know about 20-4 and it’s nice for elemental chest as we don’t rush to fill it. But normal monster chest we want to fill quickly so in 12hs we fill another on the same day. That’s why I asked for a mid term of good place to fill both. If I go only to 20-4, I will have to wait more than 2 hours to fill a normal chest and it’s not good at all.

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Then a decent solution for you might be to fill the normal chest, and only after that concentrate on the fire chest?

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Try farming 6-8 to fill your monster chest, and then maybe switch to 20-4 after you done?

The rewards for this one were pretty good, at least for me.

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What to say about this? Do I laugh or cry? It’s not even worth the trouble to fill it.


I wonder how they do the reward thing. Mine was very different from yours. I am also pretty sure you have been playing longer and need more than I do at this point.

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Some have said that if you kill (full element color) bosses, you get better chest results.

I have NOT tested that and have no idea whether it is true or just wishful thinking…

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I did most of mine on 5-8 while I was farming. Took a bit longer but the boss was of the color of the week. One time doesn’t really constitute a test but that is where I did most of mine. Thats all.

Yeah, it’s hearsay to me until thoroughly tested! Lol

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I agree

I will take my chest and be happy. I thought it was pretty good. 5th Orb and 2nd pair of gloves.

Nowhere near close to using them so building them up is nice!

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I have found for “Farming” red monsters that the quickest is 5-6. It only uses 3 world power and in under an hour I completed 150/150 for the red chest. I have 28/28 power and in a little over 20 minutes I was able to attack level 5-6 10 times. The first 23 minute attack got me 52 red monsters, 8 backpacks, 5 (1☆ heroes) and 1 (2☆ troop). I used 100 gems to replenish my world level back to 28/28. The second 20 minute attack got me 58 red monsters, 6 backpacks, 4 (1☆ heroes) & 1 (2☆ hero) and 2 (1☆ troops) & 1 (2☆ troop). I used another 100 gems to replenish my world level to 28/28 again. Then in about 12 minutes I got the last 40 red monsters. I got 6 more backpacks, 3 (1☆ heroes) & a 2☆ troop. So in under an hour and using 200 gems I completed the red monster chest mission. So for quick reds but not alot of experience points, I recommend 5-6. I know the reds are random for this level. But I averaged a little over 5 red monsters per fight… with a high of 11 and a low of 3… which isn’t bad for only 3 to fight. Here is what I received from the mission… click on photo to expand.


2 scopes, wow. …

Best chest ever. Even not seeing the tokens

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You can click on the photo and it will expand and show everything that was received from the chest.

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