Farming recruits

Where is the Best spot to farm recruits for my TC 20?


8-7 can give upwards of 10 (or more maybe) for 3 energy


yup, definitely 8.7
the most recruits for your energy


Thanks for your help. I was hopping a better place to farm. I’m borred to do 8-7. But I need to train a 5*.


Once you hit a certain level it would be great if you could just pay the 3 flags for the rewards, lol. At least kill the specials animations if auto-farming.


When I farm 8-7, I use that to test out my weaker all 3* team in different combinations. It’s still easy to beat, but I am at least getting familiar with those 3*s I intend to use for the beginner monthly events.


Really wish they would fix the game to award better recruits per energy for higher levels, instead of the exact opposite. I hate having to choose between better crafting items/XP and farming recruits

Even the stupid recruit missions award less recruits/energy than farming 8-7.


Very new here. Getting the hang of this forum. Don’t even have chat working in my game (working on that) but what do the numbers 7-8 represent in “farming” troops? Is that the level in campaign map?

This place looks dead AF. Am I just in a dead topic?

Yes, when you see players refer to 8.7, 10.6, etc. they mean the province (8) and the level in the province (.7) When they say 3 lives what they mean is it takes 3 world energy “lives” to play that mission. So, the best place recommended for recruits is 8.7 because it gives you upwards of 10 recruits for only 3 lives. Hope that helps.

That is correct. 8-7 is best for recruits. 7-4 is good for filling up monster chests. 5-8 for back packs.

I hope for it. Farming bores me to death.

Yeah this topic was started on January 16th so it’s been 6 months lol

Thank goodness for auto fight button… I can read a good book while farming :smiley:


Is there any update for farming recruits?? Now that season 2 is here and everything?? Thanks in advance…


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season 2 stage 6 9 normal gives 14 to 16 troops for six energy. season 2 stage 15 3 hard mode gives 24 to 29 for 12 and season 2 15 8 hard mode gives 30 to 35 for twelve energy. best spots to farm troops beat em once and farm them for loot ticket usage when you busy


Season 1, 8-7 for 3 flags you can get up to 10 recruits.
Season 2, 15-9 easy for 7 flags you can get up to 21 recruits


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Update April 2020: has the number of recruits gone down? I tried season 1 province 7, stage 4 and it’s only giving 6 recruits…