Farming loot since last updated!


Is it me or the loot for farming since 2 days ( last updated ) is going worse.??

I am usually getting 1/2 nuggets per day, and it’s not that much , but since 2 days I got none in 50 levels farmed !!!

Do the devs reduce the amount of those items because the removed titans 13/14 ?

@ petri/Sara , I read than you said the loot of such items for titans battle will increase . It seems than it’s opposite !

Thank you for any feedback

Loot from titan increased only for 14-15 loot tier.

50 lvl is small sampling.

I’d probably say that two days is too short a time to analyse. Maybe revisit if you feel the same next week?

I’ve experienced the opposite. The first half month after event I was getting terrible drops on Lumber and Roots, last week I’ve gotten a ton! My nugget drop rate has felt normal.

Thanks mik. But I was talking about loot when farming , not about titan loot ;).

I playing since quite long now, and I never spend a full day farming without nugget, and it’s almost 3 days.

@ zizzzzy , in fact it right the last half month it was much better but again I am talking since 2 days last update.

Anyway , I will follow this closer :wink:

Thanks for us feedback

I think it was 11 and 12 tier. I thought they punted on 13 and 14 for now and I’ve yet to see a 15 in beta to test.