Farming loot ingredient; Midnight Roots


I’m posting hoping to hear back from player’s who have noticed this issue.
I’m politely stating that I’m aware of ALL options in obtaining loot ingredients, so please refrain from suggestions.
My Question is; “Have you noticed that it’s nearly impossible while farming, in obtaining the key Loot Ingredient Midnight Roots?”
This is something new I’m recently experiencing.
We need Midnight Roots for crafting the most potent Battle items, so I’m not too happy about this!
I hope the Developers take note of this fact.


anything i say that doesnt speak in favor of the devs and their pocketbook is bein flahges. flagged. SG get to flaggin, you’ll be busy for awhile


Roots are scarce, once you start crafting higher-level items. They become more common in Province 22, but that’s way too much energy for farming. I have reasonable success with S1-12-9 and S2-1-9/N.


I mostly farm 8.7, 13.6 and s2.1.4 and have not had a root issue yet. They will come with some patience :slight_smile:


lol exactly where i farm except i use 2/1/9 instead of 2/1/4. seems like i can farm 8-7 until i get roughly 50 kills towards monster chest then fill rest with 2/1/9 on normal.


I was having that problem for a while, but since I started farming 8-7 I seem to have better luck.


Thanks for the info!


Thank you very much for your help.


I farm Provinces 7 & 8 for the most part. I just leveled up, so maybe it’ll improve? Does that actually happen? :wink: Thanks!


Thank you for your reply. I’ll gladly take all the suggestions I can get! :grinning:


Thanks to you too! I’ve taken notes from all replies. :grinning: