Farming is boring after thousands replays

I started playing on Aug 2017 and kept about two months break during Nov 2018 - Jan 2019. One of huge reasons which leaded for my break was that the farming of the map tickets is too boring, major party pooper, after thousands of replays.

I feel that Auto-play doesn’t solve the problem during the workdays and the offers that developers do of the loot tickets aren’t the solution. Here is an example from today:*

Well, I would like to buy loot tickets, not a thousand gems or WE potion and don’t feel that 10,99 € is a fair price of this package. I can either: 1. continue to struggle without tickets, 2. pay the price or 3. end my game. I choose 1. for a while and when I’ve had enough I choose 3, I have done it once so it’s not issue anymore so steps are already clear.

Feel free to make a poll for veteran players if they still find playing map tickets rewarding and when you’ve found an answer do something for it. Here is some of suggestions:

  1. Make us a one time offer of package of unlimited loot tickets which solve the problem permanently. I play the quests and events in normal way, those are totally different tale.

  2. Add “Auto-play” option a chance to repeat the task until there is no more tickets left.

I know that these changes doesn’t get finished in time to help me, but there are a lot of veteran of players who still play, but doesn’t like the current situation in these issues so maybe you can lengthen their playing career and still earn some euros from them as well.

This came up in conversation the other day, just tacking this on as an indication of support:

Also related:

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Gotta agree with OP. Farming gets very tedious, and no offense to the business but loot tickets are not something i will EVER pay for. Will rather save any money for gems etc…
Monetising farming is not something i can get behind.
I do think any game has a line between fun and greed, and rhey are teetering over that line with loot tickets.

I put up an idea many moons ago about an endurance event (search 4 it) to assist with farming boredom. . But no love.


This is the very reason I may be leaving the game soon. I’ve played for nearly 2 years now. Had my time at the top of the leader board, and have now grown extremely bored with the tedious nature of getting the simplest of resources. I don’t have antidotes, because it’s mind numbing to farm for oil. The basics are wrong and there have been minimal improvements in my time to counter this.


What if loot tickets were available to be crafted in the forge?
Of course it would have to be at a reasonable cost. No one will pay 1 roots+50k hams to get one loot ticket, just to farm potent leaves and 2k hams, but there should be a reasonable middle ground. And maybe a way to get rid of all the unnecessary ingredients “older” players and fanatic farmers dont use as often.
(I, for one, am sitting on a mountain of potent leaves for example)


Would be an option to produce looties in a training center for example. Then one of the four would throw them permanently. Production costs should be very low due to the temporary blocking of one feeder farm.


I agree, farming is tedious & when I run out of loot tickets, I have to think long & hard if I want to go back to lower levels to farm necessities to craft items for fighting.
I don’t think loot tickets come to us fast enough. I like the idea of having them drop in various places, more frequently or put them at a REASONABLE price in the store.
Dare I add that it would be great to also add more frequent drops of Atlantis coins or perhaps also add them to the store. Of course if I go that far I may as well add that more drops of these new emblems would be great :woman_shrugging:t2: Just my lil ole opinion :joy:
Happy gaming everyone :wink:


I like this idea a lot, Chef :+1:


I like the idea of farming loot tickets as they are great to do quick farming.
But I also agree farming is just way to boring in general and has really become a part of the game that has totally lost interest for me.

S2 once completed the first time and stops giving coins should also decrease in world energy flags amount by at least a third or half as the rewards to continuously farm s2 doesn’t account for the flags amount once the coins are removed.

There really is no incentive to keep farming s2 at all.
And season 1 other than a couple of levels the rest just sits there and is of no use at all.

I propose that once a map is completed there should be a second or next level map which changes the boards/ monsters etc and offers another end of season reward better than the first for having do it twice.

The other option is to close a completed level so it can’t be refarmed continuously forcing players to redo the to get resources.
At least the way the bordem aspect of continuously repeating a single level would be gone.

Just my opinion.


Same here, stuck at same point for over 8 months. Not moving forward and getting old.

Just reading this back to myself I noticed it may have been misunderstood so I will rephrase it a bit to mean what it was suppose to mean.

When a map is completed this same map changes it’s monsters and rewards for each level then restarts anew as a new map forcing players to complete level a as they did the first time round.

This would remove both the boredom aspect of it as well as make the whole map useful again instead of 90% of it sitting there doing nothing because every knows the best 6 dozen levels to continuously repeat for what they need.

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