Farming for Troops

Hello Community,
First, I want to thank everyone for their posts; I’ve upped my game significantly just from what I’ve learned in this forum.
I apologize, as I am certain this is a redundant question and I have overlooked the answer here.
Are there any particular Provinces or Stages where you are more likely to find Troops?
Initially I thought Troops were somewhat of an unnecessary nuisance; now that I’m leveling them up I can’t find enough of them.
TIA for any advice.

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There’s this doc floating around, I believe it’s fairly accurate. I can’t find the og post for the life of me. I can’t recall who put this together, but hope it helps. I just have this link saved. Hope this helps…

[Loots and Stats](

Here’s a working link:


Thanks Rook! Exactly what I was looking for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hehe. I really need to bookmark this link…

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I save all my important game links on notepad (and on Line notes for those I want to share). :grin:


Basically from my data any 3 flag zone should be ideal for farming troops.

My data didn’t get into 1 vs 2* troops though, I’ll do that whenever S2 launches and I try to figure out what’s what. It’s possible that higher level zones drop higher level troops and heroes both (2*'s) as I know something like 80% of the ones I get in 3 flag zones are 1* on the hero side. I’ll see if I can look at the ratio of 1 vs 2 shouldn’t be that hard given enough time but I think S2 will drop before that.


Thanks for the replies, and thanks @Wormwood and @Rook for the link. I’ll see if what I can glean from the information matches my (limited) observation.

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