Farming for midnight roots in season 2

The description says that increased chance for dropping midnight roots gives province 12. Did you try to farm there? Which stage (independently for normal and hard) gives best results?

I‘m not sure about this „increased“ chances so far. Was hoping for nuggets in province 14. so far I didn‘t find a single one and played all 10 stages on normal and two on hard (makes 70 + 22 = 92 Worldenergy for 0 nuggets…)

“Increased chance” probably means something like 2% increase.

The “increased chance” definitely works for “lower level” materials like metal ores, backpacks or swords. You can find out for yourself when farming in season 2 hard levels. You will get a lot of stuff from every successful fight there. I am for example currently farming 2-11-7 on hard for metal ores, because I often get 3-4 from one fight there.

There is not much correlation between “increased” chance of finding sth and actually finding an item. You cant see it while farming. SG has its own “probabilities” that have nothing to do with common sense.

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I got 3 orichalum nuggets from one normal level in 14, don’t remember which one, I was running through them to harvest the Atlantis coins.