Farming for Heros

Whats the best place to farm fo heroes?

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Training camp, I dont think is level where you can found more heroes

I think he meant feeders :smile:

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I know but still TC is much better for that :relaxed:

Yea I meant what place for troops or heros in addition to farming items…

Season , Level 9-1 is the best currently known, at about 0.2 heroes per flag.

Thank you I will give that a try and see…

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Season 2 stage 15-9 gives about 20-24 recruits is what I’ve noticed so far

I believe OP is looking for feeder heroes, not recruits.


Well he can take those recruits to Tc 1 or 2 and wham bam have him some feeders is what I was meaning. But yea what he’s looking for then is much more random. I just hit 15-9 and feed my 4 training camps…


Thanks everyone for the info!!!