Farming for Dragon Strike ingredients


What is the best place to farm for hardwood lumber? Since I don’t have
Athena, I rely on Dragon Strikes when I can make them.


If you search for farming, you can find a guide of efficient farming for all items.
Best place for hard wood should be province 21.
In your inventory you can tap the items and get info of where you can find them.


Julia, thanks for taking the time to respond. Oddly enough Provence 9 has the highest frequency of Hardwood Lumber so far. I was hoping someone else had found a more productive spot. I have found the game advice to be misleading about ingredient location.


I get the hardwood lumber I need from farming 8.7, 12.9 and 13.6 and sometimes 16.8-17.1 but don’t farm for that specifically.


Julia, thank you for responding in such a helpful way.


What are the ingredients for the Dragon attack? I am making a point of bringing all the buildings in my city up to LV15 before I upgrade the castle. While I am doing that I would like to start stocking up on ingredients for this item


1 sunspire feather, 1 dragon bone, 2 hardwood lumber + 70,800 iron

I don’t know how the dragon attack compensates Athena.


Thank you for that.
Don’t know how it equates to Athena; never had one. I got my hands on a couple as loot and found, especially combined with dragon banner, to be very effective against titans, more so than a bomb. I would say it’s like having a second Collin.


I have used Dragon Attack few times in this game during my 6 months. I would rather bring arrows, bear/turtle/dragonbanners, axes/bombs, healing and mana potions when dealing with Titans.


I am also confused as to why the dragon attack is being compared to Athena. I always thought the benefit with Athena was that nasty defense down feature, common on the bomb and ax attack, but dragon is only damage as far as I can tell.