Farming for basic ascension items (and boots!)

Quick side note, I’ve been farming this province for the past two weeks for materials to level up/ascend my heroes and man it’s been really good to me. It constantly gives me multiple backpacks with a sword and even a hero or two, troop(s), you name it. A few weeks ago I was having a hard time finding boots (for whatever reason) I now have 32 pairs. Anyway, I just wanted to share in case anyone was looking for similar items and didn’t know where to start…Good luck !

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Wormwood, I added “(and boots!)” to your topic title so other boot searches will also lead here. :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know! I am searching for 1 final pair of boots to get all of my lvl 4s to the 3rd ascension level.

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8-7 has dried up and 5-8 has been inconsistent for backpacks, so this is welcome information.


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Thank you for the info will try that

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I tried it twice for boots and got nothing.

Do you mean to say twice 2 times only? or two entire flasks (world energy) ? I would go through at least one entire flask. I hope you have better luck, this worked like a charm for me. Hang in there…

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I can’t buy a pair of boots! I’ve played provinces 12, 14 and 18 over over over and over again and I can’t get no boots!

I am getting tired of this game and spending too much money on it!

13-6 works best for me. It’s the final 4 flag level as well so lower cost but similar drop rates to the higher cost levels

I generally go to 12-9 for boots, but I might try 13-6 now. I think the mobs in my usual 3 energy spots are sick of me, as they’re not very forthcoming with backpacks or swords anymore anyway, time to change it up.

I farm at 12-4 and 12-8

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