Farming Events are unbalanced

after finisching Midgard an Underwild, thea startet special Events with reduced coasts, simular to atalntis
the Problem is, that the output ist not simular

midgard und underwild stages are more difficult than atlantis and need more time to be played.
but the loot droping enemys only give a chance for tokens
While I get up to 1-2 Summons out of Atlantis in one event, I hardly get any coins in both others

unfortunately you do not generate these Coins on other ways, so F2P Gamers will hardly get any Summon.

let us find tokens only instead ob iron or food packages!


I also dislike it. Unfortunately, The company said last year they did it on purpose - they admitted that Atlantis farming was “too generous” :cry:

After what they said in the Q&A last year, it was intentional. Which makes the shortening and eventual (unless they start having more than 2 events happening at the same time, not counting Seasonal Events), they might end up getting rid of altogether. It’s already only 2 days (48 hours) long compared to other events.

Alongside that, the unique heroes don’t drop EXCLUSIVELY coins, so the only good these events are is trying to finish the season, doing Missions for gems or avatars, and then abandoning it for the next Map season that will definitely follow suit.

Oh, and save your coins now because they will almost inevitably introduce costumes for these heroes a year from now, if not by the end of the year.