Farming Crypt Mushrooms

I know it says 11 is the best chance for farming cm’s but I am not having any luck. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried 11-5? I just got one there.

(Anecdotal evidence, I know…) :wink:

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By no means an authority, but 8-7, 12-9, 13-6 are good to me. That is over time of course, but my best guess would be 8-7.


Thank you so very much!

8-7 is best for most items that have a chance. I do often get 4 star components from there, and usually get a crypt mushroom about half of the time I do the level. This is in addition to the other items that you get, and the recruits too. Plus it only costs 3 energy, and you will quickly be able to robot kill it, so for energy spent per item received, 8-7 cannot be best.


Cannot be…”? Is this a typo?

(You say in the same post that 8-7 is best, and then it cannot be. Clarification please!) :grin:


cannot be beat?
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I did very well with the Crypt Mushrooms on 11.7, got 5. Will try 12.5 next refill and post my findings. Thanks ev1!

Sorry! Autocorrect! Last sentence of my post should read, “8-7 cannot be BEAT”. Sorry for any confusion!


went to all the suggested locs, got nuthin. 3 flags left went to 2.2, got a mushroom and 2 heros =-)

LoL played 8-7 , seven or eight times… no C.M’s :frowning:

UPDATE! 7-4 works well already got 5+ C.M’s

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That’s a pretty cool map!

I can’t take the credit for it!

To find Crypt Mushrooms, you need a Crypt Piggy to smell them out, of course.

Honestly, I wonder if it is not possible to have reliquary items in the game that increases the odds of finding something (talking about farmable items of course) after a level completion. Like the aforementioned crypt shroom detecting swine that increases the odds of finding the Crypt Mushrooms, or a Metal sensing Idol that increases the odds of finding Chain Mail Shirts.

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How about different heroes are more likely to find different loot…

That would be a way to buff unpopular heroes and make low star heroes useful for farming

Greymane could dig up extra bones, Chao would seek out battle manuals and Hu Tao would pick the tastiest potent leaves…


Belith should be able to take you straight to any :mushroom: in the area.

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i can vouch for 2:2 i got 3 in two rounds


I’m always farming for CMs and since I can’t yet hang in hard-season-2 it is VERY slow getting them, and so the devs are keeping the number of healing pots, bear banners, and axe attacks frustratingly low. These items are a critical part of survival for us C2P players who aren’t buying heroes. THAT makes me shake my head.


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