Farming Challenges

So, you have another monster chest to fill. Perhaps you need recruits, or crafting items. Either way, you take your team of maxed out 4 or 5 star heroes into the lower levels (8-7, 7-4, etc) and either spend autowin tickets or use autoplay to fill that chest/requirement.

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you had to use a little bit of brain power, and some luck, to gain what you are after PLUS a little bonus?

Let’s say you head to level 8-7 for some monster and recruit farming. You know that you are going to get lots of recruits, a little experience, and maybe some useful items. Nothing too exciting.

Well, I have an idea. Let’s have some challenges on these levels. For starters, no battle items allowed if your team power is over 3400 (or so). No problem, you say. And, yes, you are right.

What if there were bonuses for doing things like completing the level without taking a hit? Does that sound easy? It can be, but you do need the board gods to be on your side. Maybe doing such a thing could guarantee you a 4* crafting item.

How about you complete the level without taking a hit, and without using a special ability? That should net you said crafting item and maybe a token or 5 emblems as well.

Anyway - it’s just a thought. What do you all think?

Not possible as one opponent is ready to fire at the start. You might hit and kill this one with some tiles but next stage you got same problem. Having right tiles every new stage is impossible due to RNG. But without fire a special is in deed possible for a high level player. Guess that’s how we all made our Thanos challenge…

I done it . Full match no hits …

Your going to take a hit. But you can finish it with full health if you bring any kind of element link or a special like gad who hits and has some healing thru out so many turns and what not or just a regular healer which idk why you would bring a 4 or 5 star healer to farm 8-7

Alas, my friends, it is possible to complete a low stage like 8-7 without taking a hit. You need a little luck from the boards and some good management, hence the challenge.

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