Farming Challenge: Most status effects at once?

I’ve managed six status effects at one time. I’m pretty sure this could be topped with the right team, but I don’t have many heroes that apply more than one. I think Aeron and Ares each give three, but I don’t have either of them.

I’m not counting debuffs that monsters put on me…at least not yet!

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You could put Aeron between Ares and Khagan with wu and kailani and get 9 effects: heal over time, +crit, +attack, immunity to status ailments, elemental link, +defense, +mana generation, gambler’s stance, and spirit link. I don’t think you can get a 10th buff since noone provides more than one buff to all heroes (except alberich, but his heal over time does not stack with others).


:smile: no, I can’t as I don’t have any of those three heroes you mention. If you do, run it and post a pic!

At least somebody show me seven!

Not me but a guy in our alliance :slight_smile:


I think 9 is the most buffs possible! Huge shoutout to Jeremy from 7DA for getting this picture for me!



Awesome, I love it!

…but…there clearly is space to put another 7 icons in the space available!

Debuffs. Lots of debuffs. :smile:

Now that I think about it, would it be possible to overflow the display by combining enough buff and debuff icons?


Sounds like a new challenge!

Edit: I can’t figure out a way to get more than 14 buffs/debuffs on a single hero, so don’t think it’s possible to overload the slots available.

Yeah, I think you’re right. The best situation I can think of is:

Defender: Lady Locke - Justice - Yunan - Rumpelstiltsken - Merlin
Attacker: Alberich - Ares - Boss Wolf - Wu Kong - Aeron

On Boss Wolf, you can get these buffs:

  • Mana Increase from Alberich
  • HOT from Alberich/Aeron/Ares
  • Crit Up from Ares
  • Attack Up from Ares
  • Mana Regeneration from Boss Wolf
  • Riposte from Boss Wolf
  • Element Link from Aeron
  • Gambler’s Stance from Wu Kong

And these debuffs:

  • Moonlight DOT from Lady Locke
  • Blindness from Justice
  • Sand DOT from Yunan
  • Healing Down from Yunan
  • Poison DOT from Rumpelstiltsken
  • Defense Down from Rumpelstiltsken
  • Mindless Attack from Merlin

That’s assuming all the different DOT stacks with each other and HOT, which I’m not sure of.


@lexinen, it will be pretty hard to hit that potential in an actual raid. Getting all your bufs to stack while farming takes a bit of planning, but is much easier. and you can always farm that level again if you kill everybody too fast or something.

(But I’d love to see a pic of whatever you do manage!)

I know that three kinds of DOT (sand, poison, fire) stack; never tried moonlight along with the others. I still don’t have any HOT heroes, so I don’t know how it interacts with DOT.

I also haven’t used DOT heroes raiding against HOT targets, but I’m sure as I get into diamond and level up Gravemaker, that will change, as I’m gonna see a lot more of Alby & Ares for sure.

Nice! that’s 15 effects. Hard to get all that without killing the target though :slight_smile:

Yes, sonata stacks with those others, as it works with a completely different mechanic.

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