Farming 12.9 or who knows a better place?

hi ladies and gentlemen,

i farm always on 12.9 and i must tell its not bad there. normaly enough items and recruits but…

i get too many recruits.
i have only 1 training camp on 20 for the legendary than 1 training camp with extra low cost, 1 for coulor and 1 for extra fast/ extra low cost

my legendary is more than full and it runs now for 151 days because i get mor recruits than i can use wieht extra low cost and colour and extra fast.

so my question is now if you can tell me maybe a better place to find more adventurs kit, practice swords and rugged clothes than recruits

maybe also anywhere in season 2? because there i never have farmed until know so i dont know this
thanks and greats for answers

In season 2 1-10 hard, many backpacks and swords and only some recruits

Swords will burn through your recruits in no time. You can never have enough.

I really doubt that… OP states 151 days of TC 20 queue… that is 75 legendary trainings x 100 recruits / training, that makes 7.500 recruits stored away. To burn through them you will need 1500 swords… That is not an unusual situation. I also have a 60 days TC13 queue, roughly 2100 recruits + about 500 stored in TC 11…

I have +1000 swords because I find them permanently and never have enough recruits to use them all. If too many recruits are ones problem he uses too much t20 and t11 in my opinion because those barely use recruits. T19 and t1-3 burn them quite fast.


I never get over 40 swords and I grind that map for every world energy available… How on earth did you get to have 1000 swords? Where do you farm? Don’t you use TC1 at all? What are you spending your recruits on? As I said, I have 2600 recruits and about eight million food available… If I had swords I would keep TC3 occupied all the time…

I farm all my flags available always. I always run t2 until I have 0 backpacks and t19 until I‘m out of rugged. When both are at 0 (well they are 0 all the time) I use t1 or t3 because it‘s the worst training xp-wise.
But My war roster is completed and I‘m waiting just on 4* mats to upgrade further 5* and slowly level up some 4* that dont have priority.

Currently I run triple t20 and one t11 because I need 5* that are worth to level. So I‘m saving all my packs/swords/clothes atm.

I was farming mainly 8-7 and 6-8. but I changed to 12-9 because I‘m not so in need of recruits and take the better xp rate there.

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==Farming 1.12-9==

1.12-9 is actually a very good stage. Season 1, province 12 is the first province that drops Scabbards, Tall boots and Chain mail shirts.

==Farming 1.7-4/7==

I prefer 1.7-4 for filling Wanted Monster mission chests and 1.7-7 for fast real time farming of recruits, both of which drop Rugged clothes for Extra fast training and String for Arrows.

I am saving Rugged cloths until I have a good rainbow 5* 2.60 team. But I do not use swords or kits ( backpacks ) because the Hero XP per recruit is so bad on Common ( RT01 ) and Uncommon ( RT02 ) compared to Extra low cost ( RT11, but slow ) and Extra fast ( RT19, never enough Rugged clothes ).

But other players have different styles, see discussion linked to below.

==Useful Links==

==Interesting discussion about running 4 training camps==

==Data collection spreadsheet==

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If you want to farm go to 8-7 season 1.

A lack of supplies and battle items suggests that you should be working the map instead of farming. You will get more loot, better loot & battle items that you need to level up your heroes & troops.

I like season 2, Province 6 for adventure & loot.

I back away from the game when I feel like a SG slave building pyramids, which happens when you farm too much with gems.

I’m only farming the 12-9 everyday (2 or 3 monsters chests/day only with 12-9) & I’m pretty happy with it.

It gives a “lot” of stuff (adventurers kits, swords etc), best xp/energy ratio (even if we don’t really care about that)…

I luv it.

ok guys thanks for all your answers.

What’s the exact experience amount gained in SI12/9? I need 1430 xp to level up and got 4 flags. Is 12 9 enough or do I wait 10 minutes more? If I recall corectly, it’s around 1600 but I’m not sure…

1387 iirc 20 chars…

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