Farming 101

Anyone got some tips for farming?

Personally I’m mostly looking for troops, number of monsters, and feeder heroes.

I’ve been doing 8/7 religiously but I’m not sure that’s the best level any more? Perhaps for 4 world energy it’s the best xp but I’m curious what other folks have figured out, a lot of the info available online seems to be out dated now.

7-4 is better for monster chest filling


I used to do 8-7 a lot too but now I’m just farming 5-8, mainly for backpacks it occasionally gets some good ingredients. I use 5-6 when I need to fill a chest or I go to 6-8 to fill the chest and to get crafting ingredients and recruits.


6-8 is where you want to be. You need that ore

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8-7 if recruits are your priority. 7-4 to fill a monster chest. 6-8 for overall crafting materials. If you want a 4 energy level, 12-9 is good. For 5 energy, I like 16-9. Then 20-4 for 6 WE and 23-9 for 7 WE and the best experience to energy ratio.

If there is a particular material you want, use the province listed in the item description


It does give you the most monsters per flag, but it isn’t needed at moderate levels. 8-7, 6-8, or 7-7 are close in monster count and otherwise better.

Currently at 29 WE max, I usually wait ‘till I have 26~29 accumulated, and the cost is 10 :gem: or under, accelerate my monster chest and fill it.

I can farm at least 6 rounds of 8-7 (recruits) and 2 more of 12-9, (better XP, better items) and fill my monster chest all in one go, which is fast enough for me even tho 7-4 is faster.

7 rounds (worst case 8) of any of those 3-flag farming levels will fill the chest; this should work at 21-23WE max. (even auto farming takes long enough to earn 1-2 flags back)

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The work is done already. Just use the search :wink: