Farmable Loot Mulitplier

I had an idea this morning whilst burning through flags just to farm some backpacks and ores that I thought might add an extra element of reward to mindless grinding and farming.

A card/token that can be played that will provide a mulitplier to farmable materials when grinding. It might provide the player with 30mins of double farmable material rewards. For example, if you farmed 5-9 for backpacks and your loot for the run would be 2 backpacks, you would receive 4 due to the multiplier. Obviously this wouldn’t apply to the unfarmable rewards given in quests but it may even present an income for SG with extra raid flask purchases, especially when it came to trying for dragon bones/orichalcum nugget.

If the time limit was deemed appropriate and there wasn’t any way to abuse it, I think that it would add some excitement and also relief to the grind.

I believe a similar drop rate to the trainer heroes would be appropriate. They can only be received via the same drops (titan loot, chests, mystic vision etc.)

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