Farm Production & Factories

I have a complaint & suggestion
The complaint is that ridiculous prizes not only for the scarcity of access to escalation tools
But the amount of meat and iron also
The titan’s defeat prizes of meat and iron are silly no less as categories because with the category A prizes are considered silly
If each player calculates the amount of iron and meat used against Titan, he will find it a loss
However, the production of the farm of meat and mines of iron per hour in addition to what you get from the raids and boxes considered very little
For what requires you to do in the game of the development of buildings + tools industry + lift or escalate or train heroes
Improving the awards of the amount of food and iron from the Titan Awards, the mission of the Raid Fund and the mission of the Monsters Fund
Raise production per hour for mines and farm + storage capacity
Accelerate diamond production for an hour or a day
I hope you will take my complaint and suggestion into consideration to develop the game

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