Farholme pass, why now?

Have you noticed that only 6 days have passed since Morlovia? What will be the cause of this advance?

I Hope your not complaining! lol!


Obviously it is not a complaint, it is a doubt, there must be an explanation.

I’ve noticed that we get 2 rare quests per month, and each one is about 15 days apart (give or take… I haven’t noticed this to be consistent).

So it’s probably because Febraury is the shortest month of the year.

We have one every 10 days, not 2 a month, but 3.


Perhaps another compensation for the last week’s servers outage? First individual and now for everyone?

Right… it’s 3 in a month now. I was looking at my old data.

Still it’s probably because February is the shortest month :stuck_out_tongue: Think about it… there’s only 28 days in the month, meaning that 3 every 10 days would mean that we only get 2 in February… but now we’re gonna get 3 in February because of the schedule advance

A compensation would be one more, that is, another one would fall in 4 days, I do not think so, it seems an advance.

I’m 85% certain it’s to deconflict with Wonderland.


Your math is off. Morlovia showed up on 1/31. If i’m doing my subtraction right, that’s 8 days between morlovia spawning and today’s farholme.


that’s a good point too… I keep thinking it’s just cuz there’s less days in February. But the new quest coming makes sense too. Or maybe it’s both :stuck_out_tongue:

as long as the servers don’t crash again like during halloween, we’re good

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it’s going to be that my maths are not the ones that are wrong, but theirs, today is 7, they are 6 exact days.

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It was 01 of february

Whoops you’re right.

I admit, my math was off. I need more caffeine.


Look, if they switch to one per week, all I’m gonna do is sit down and embrace this change.


Agreed. Probably also a “mea culpa” for the outage on Friday as well.

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That’s definitely a possibility too. Whatever it is, I’ll take it! My compass supply has been reading a steady 0 for a week now, and my heroes waiting for ascension are stacked up worse than all those planes in Die Hard 2.


Or its because it would of clashed with new emblem quest, so it spawned early to avoid the heavy energy requirements😊


The 10 day thing has always been a myth spread because some alliance keeps adding it to their tracker.

Isn’t normal schedule on a 7-10 day rotation? I thought that was stated by the developers somewhere. Anyways, this is a 6 day gap, so it’s definitely a bit early.

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