Farholme pass improvements

Farholme pass should be done over 1 quest with a Damascus blade awarded for the 2nd last level and a book of tomes awarded for completion of the last level.
Who agrees?

I think we all agrees except SG staff…


Patient, young grasshopper. Improve your team and in time you will finish the rare quests.

I remember my first Farholme quest. I couldn’t finish the last tier for the Damascus blade but was happy with the Compass. 70 days later I was done abeit with some efforts. Another 70 days later it was like farming the map 8-7.

Absolutely NOT !

Farholme Pass is just about the only place that you can reliably find Fine Gloves. (A resource many struggle to obtain.)

It’s not about finishing rare quest, it’s about getting damascus blade and tome of tactic which couldn’t be found in other quests, both in just a one quest…

First - it is not only place where you can find gloves, it can be found at many other places.
Second - Damascus blade and Tome of tactics are most valuable items comparing with gloves and compasses but you are going to figure out that when you grow up (in terms of level) and when you have a bunch of 5* heroes at 3/70, along with more than 50 gloves and compasses but don’t have DB and/or ToT, and it’s much harder to get it.

First - Please note the word “reliably” in my post.

Second - Please do not throw around phrases such as “grow up” !

Third - I do have a bunch of heroes at 3/70, needing Fine Gloves. (J-F at 2/60 would like a pair too!)

Fourth - Just FYI I have 9 Damacus Blades and 10 Tomes of Tactics, so in my case they are not “much harder to get” !!

Fifth - “Value” varies, depends on what you have vs what you need and when. If I have many Heroes waiting on Fine Gloves but none waiting on Damacus Blades then the Gloves are more valuable to me at that time.


I think everyone would welcome the idea. Rare quest frequency should increase per month for Gloves and Tome of Tactics, one month, Damascus and Compass the next…

OK, than you should first note “in a terms of level”, which means that “grow up” is nothing offensive and it is just said “when you become higher level”.

Also, I noted reliable in your post and sorry but I have to say that you are not right because you also can find two gloves when you complied Pirates of Corellia, epic and legendary stages. Twice peer year but you still can find it reliable! DB and ToT you can’t, at least not only for completing stage.

Value doesn’t depend - maybe you at this moment need gloves more than ToT, but I was talking in general about values, not for you neither for me and sorry the whole truth is that in general DB and ToT are much more valuable than gloves.

FYI a had around 10-12 DB and ToT in the first year and I was thinking just as you that it isn’t hard to get 4* items, now I have 20+ 5* heroes stuck at 3/70, because I run out of Tot (have 12 DB)… And hey, I have pure treasure with 64 gloves…

But you will realise it when in some moment you stuck with 5* heroes, desperately waiting for DB or ToT, and having in a same time 50 gloves in a backpack…

If you use the phrase “grow up” first you have already irritated people, qualifying it after is too late !

Not everyone will complete Pirates every time on Legendary (or even Epic).

There is a large difference between “Cost” and “Value”. I possess items which do not have any real material cost but to which I attach great value.

Seems you are here to disagree and be condescending. If so go troll someone else, goodbye.

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