Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

I will necro your year+ old post. I’m playing off and on again, but don’t have time to post (or care about posting) like I once did. I’m now one of the cheap2play players cursing at their screen when trying to fill raid chests vs LB2 pay2win monsters whose specials do 3-4 different things at fast/average speed. :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:


And a farewell from @Al.Bundy too… :frowning:


And another one from @13thWarrior :frowning:


Thanks for keeping us updated @sleepyhead. :cry:


Have you seen my drake? I’ve been missing him for a few days. He’s brown and green I think. :thinking: They all look the same. :roll_eyes: I call him jerk.
I’m a little worried because these are tough times for him. :worried:
If you see him please give me a sign. Whether he comes back or not is his decision. I just want to know if he’s okay.

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missed this earlier, @Saros has also quit as well. be well, @Saros and thanks for all the information and advice you have shared.


Thanks again for keeping us updated Detective @sleepyhead :coffee:.


It’s a shame. It’s so sad. But I suppose it’s just inevitable…

@Saros … I wish you every success in you futures endeavours. Good luck and take care

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I mean if I played 45 different accounts I’d have quit long before.

This was the person who set alarms every 8 hours to never miss a mystic vision

It’s a sad testament to addiction that Saros played even remotely as long as they did tbh


So my official time with E&P has come to a close. I have a few little projects I wish to finish so I will be around just not as active as I have been. It has often been fun but my favorite has been meeting and talking with people from all over the world. I take those friendships with me. Thank you to all who have mentored me, who reached out and been a friend. I’ll miss yall so don’t be strangers. I’ll remain on Line, my ID is Meltigger. RL has new things for me and soon I will launch a website for my art business I’m starting. I hope you will come look when it is up.


wishing you the best @Ralsha , take care!


Are you back?

I just fought an Elpis (lvl 106) that joined their alliance as leader 16 days ago.

Good team.

If you are not back with E&P, hope the free time, extra personal spending money and honest transactions have improved the QoL of your RL.


@Sorvina has also stopped playing :frowning: hope we get to see you from time to time on the forums still!


@Sorvina! :sob: We haven’t had vodka together yet! :sob:


Another artist drawing conclusions about this game. Picture that.

Yes, I’m still around, I check the forum sometimes (like right now :slight_smile: ) and I log in to the game almost daily. But I don’t participate in wars, I don’t hit titans, don’t do tower/alliance quests. I still do Covenant/Costume/Seasonal quests for free coins and I must say that with only few summons I got plenty of 5* heroes, like today I summoned C. Gazelle, lol. In past few months with single pulls I also got Lu Bu, Cinisia, C. Phileas Frog and Skargremar. I took from Soul Exchange or Fated Summon Malosi, Kingston, Kravekrush. That’s alot considering that I’m barely playing.
Quest, battles everything in that game became for me too time consuming, too tiring for little reward. Too many new heroes, new portals, new costumes, new skills, new passives. It overwhelmed me so much that I don’t want to play it anymore.

I still check news from time to time, but I usually don’t know what to write, what to say. My reaction to news is “ah, again new heroes”, “oh, more new skills”, “another portal, meh” and I don’t see a point in writing this, but new cartoon costumes triggered me so much that I had to write something. :joy:

There’s always time for having vodka with friends. :stuck_out_tongue:


always good hearing from you @Sorvina :slight_smile: glad you’re getting nice luck in the game, and still playing some parts that (I hope) give you fun and joy

I feel the same re commenting on new stuff. I skip over the new heroes (unless I get them), else there’s too much info for me to keep track of! Gone are the days when I could remember what every hero does, lol!


Glad you had some good luck lately! You can always say hi in alliance chat or Discord too. We still like you!



Some have left us unwillingly. RIP
Others simply left the game. And the forum.
Some people think about it.
Some are rarely in the forum anymore.
Everyone will have their reasons. Maybe it’s even the best for the individual. And I wish everyone just the best in life.
But no matter why, it makes me sad…


Hugs, my friend. Hugs