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will your game have summons at the astounding 0.3% chance???

this is probably the greatest roulette game ever, it is a 3 match casino lol

titans and pulls are just roulettes

just to imagine we spent more than a year withoit knowing the true summon rates until they found some shame on themselves (or some pressure from players and governments) and revealed it.

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TBH I don’t know if it was more about a couple of governments or the Apple Store.
It’s funny, thou, that the first country to require disclosure of percentages was China.

The next step - learning video clip which will explain to people that does it mean “percentages in gacha games” before game start and how many money they must to spend for getting something in most of cases

My games will not have “summons” at all. Every item, every hero, every everything will be obtainable through - this is going to sound crazy, but - playing the game.

Like if you beat the giant dragon guarding the chest with the magic sword in it. After you beat the giant dragon, you - get the magic sword.


MADNESS!!! NO RNG LOOTBOX WHEEL??? You mean I play the game and after I beat a certain level, I get stuff???

Noooooo. No such algorithm exists. This is impossibru. Does not compute.


For those who say “oh but that will be boring, once you beat the dragon and get the sword, you’ve beat the game and you’re done. Right?”

Noooooo. That giant dragon was just the baby. That magic sword you got is way better than the sword you had before, but it’s essentially a toothpick once you get to the higher levels. You will now need magic sword +2 if you want to be competitive.


No. You just have to grind through the second province.


Dude. You’ve been playing E&P. You should already know the mantra. Marathon, not a sprint… yeah?

"Alright TGW, mister wise guy. How do you expect to make any money off a game like this?"

Maybe I make the first couple of sections free to play. And infinitely replayable.

"Yeah, then you’ve made no money."

Not yet, no. But say I put a note into the game somewhere that says “this game is donationware, feel free to enjoy it as much as you like for free. If you can afford to donate, and would like to see more of my games, donate here!” Sure, 99% of players might say “LOL nah, I’ll just play for free,” and that’s fine.

Say I put in some ads here and there in between cutscenes. I get a small income every time someone is forced to view those ads. “These ads are really annoying!” Yes, yes they are. But I gots to pay my bills, yeah? If you don’t like the ads, send me a dollar and I’ll disable them for you.

"Silly TGW. You think you’re going to get rich by charging people one dollar?"

First of all, I’m not trying to get ‘rich’. Just trying to pay my bills doing something I enjoy. Second of all… I’m not talking about getting one dollar from one person. I’m hoping to get one dollar each from thousands of persons. If I can get 2000+ new players to each give me a dollar each month, I can pay all of my bills and become a full time game developer. If I make two or three different games and get even more people to give me a dollar, I can move out of my @#$%y apartment and into a nicer place. So on and so forth. Anddd I’ll have all the time in the world to keep adding onto my games and making even more money!

Not that I’m in it for the money. I’ll be in it because I enjoy games, and because so far I’m having fun designing them.

“If you can figure out a way to get paid to do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I would like to believe that somewhere, sometime, at one point, SG devs got into the industry because they enjoyed playing games. I would very much like to believe that they never went into it with the intentions of distributing many Dawas to whales while laughing all the way to the bank. I would like to think that was not a conscious decision on their part, but rather an unfortunate mistake that is too late to correct.

I would like to believe that. But I would also like to believe that most people are basically good, and that only a few people choose to be selfish and bad. I would like to believe that. Unfortunately, I don’t.


Don’t forget soon they will need to get the magic sword +2 with limit breaker to push forward lol

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Seriousness though, I have so many game ideas. One is for a massive open world RPG that will have much more than just magic sword +1 and magic sword +2. The idea is to have hundreds of different items and spells that can be acquired either as rewards for killing stuff or finishing quests, or bought through the stores with gold accumulated by finishing quests and killing stuff, or even items that can be crafted yourself once you level up your crafting skills (level up by - yep, you guessed it, finishing quests and killing stuff).

I know, I can already hear the complaints now. “All there is to do in this game is finish quests and kill stuff!”


I haz created other games where you don’t kill stuff? :slightly_smiling_face:


But I like finishing quests and killing stuff :grin:


So do I. And I also like it when games reward you for doing so, then let you go on to try to finish harder quests killing harder stuff.

What I don’t like is killing the same stuff over and over again and having to roll a dice to see if I get any good rewards from it. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum. “Congratulations on completing Tavern of Legends for the 5th time. Drum roll… congratulations! You are the proud new owner of a… Prisca and a Friar Tuck! Wow! Exciting! Enjoy leveling up those legendary heroes, as you certainly earned them! This is Rob Harper, we’ll see you all again next month on Tavern of Legends!!! Maybe next month you’ll pull a Guinevere? Or just another Dawa? Who knows? Nobody does! That’s all part of the fun! Ha ha! Queue the credits and sign off music.”

I’m so glad SG doesn’t just give me rewards for completing stuff! Instead they make us beg for them like a hungry abused dog. That is how I like my games, it makes me very happy and excited every time I get to do another summon knowing I have less than 3% chance of getting something I really want. If owner fed me every month I would probably just get fat and lazy and bored. I love this game so much it is best game ever please don’t ever change this most excellent and exciting of business models.


This thread has gotten very off-topic. Is it about players who’ve left or players who’ve not left?


It’s about Schrödinger ex-players.
If they left or not depends on who is observing :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol… Just a tad
Although, happy to see there are no recent entries here. :innocent:


What is concerning is the “vanishing mod”. @DaveCozy vanished seemingly without a trace or a word from anyone last December, much like @Garanwyn once did. And while hopefully he’s just on holiday, @JonahTheBard hasn’t been seen for over two weeks…


Nice detective work there… The plot thickens :thinking:


Yikes, that’s alarming as it puts a burden on our few remaining active moderators who are going to burn out even more quickly :open_mouth:


hopefully SG get the ■■■ into gear and instead of mod trying to fight there battles maybe they can shed some light to many unanswered questions from the community.

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