Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

Best of luck dude, you were a worthy sparing partner. I’ll miss your unique views and wit.


Sorry to read of your departure.
I mean… Sorry even if I know you are better off that way.
Unfortunately we all know that trains need to depart at some point.

Best of luck with your gaming projects and, FFS, SG implement a freaking way to have a private conversation with the other users without the need to tell everybody your virtual whereabouts.

Hope you drop by every now and then anyway, Train!


@TGW … Sorry to see you go. But I understand and respect your decision to leave the game.
When it’s no longer fun and it becomes a chore, then I would say that’s the best time to go.
I wish you lots of luck in your future endeavours. Take good care of yourself and stay safe.


The forum is growing darker every day and now, yet another light is gone.
I shall miss you but you must do what is best for you.
Be safe
Be well
Be free


I still play the game about once every day or two. Mostly just log in to hit the titan when everyone is worried that it’s going to escape.

The game has always been a chore. A chore I don’t mind when it’s fun. Grinding in a game I don’t mind when there are guaranteed rewards at the end of the rainbow. There’s no guaranteed rewards in this game. It’s all about the $$$. You can grind grind grind grind grind all day long and still end up with nothing.

For those who think I’m just complaining about nothing, “you can beat all the content without paying, sounds like you’re just complaining about P2W because you need to git gud”… it’s not about that. At all. Never has been. I have no desire to be in top leaderboards. But I would like a decent chance to get new heroes? 1.5% chance a month or whatever is not a decent chance. Playing E&P as a non spender is like playing a Superman game where your character is Clark Kent, and always Clark Kent. You can grind all day at the Daily Planet, but you’ll never get your Superman cape without paying.

When I join a new MMORPG as a level 1 warrior, I don’t expect to be able to take out a level 120 archmage necromancer on day 1. But I do hope that if I grind for long enough, one day I can also be a level 120 archmage necromancer. And I also would like to think that the level 120 archmage necromancers would not be spending their days one shotting level 1 warriors.

But enter E&P. Level 120 archmage necromancers one shotting level 1 warriors. Level 1 warriors grinding for 6-12 months just to become level 10 warriors. How to become level 120 archmage necromancer? Oh that’s easy. Just give us a credit card and keep clicking “buy / summon” until you get level 120 archmage necromancer. Otherwise you will always be Clark Kent.

On that note. Clark Kent, signing off. Best of luck to you all.


I hope hardcore players will eventually see all that’s wrong with the gacha model.
And particularly this gacha because, let’s be honest, there are others that don’t push it so much.

So I will tell you even if it might result in lynching or hanging, drawning and quartering:
you were a voice of reason, no matter what others said.
I know you know it, but I also know that sometimes you need to hear it from someone else.

Louder doesn’t make right.
Cheers mate!


The truth be told . :trophy:


No, no, no :sob: - I can not like your post! :rage:

You were one of the first forum buddies I made.

Reluctantly, I wish you nothing but bliss in your future endeavours. Virtual :hugs:s


Is this the breakup of the Beatles?

Where do I send the royalties for “Telluria”?


Thanks for informing us, and sad to see you go.

You are truly irreplaceable here @TGW! :cry:

All the best, take care, and enjoy your freedom from the ever increasing grind of E&P.


@TGW I wish you well and hope you will stop by from time to time to say hi.

I also want to thank you for the coffee cup avatar you made for me, shortly before your cups became a phenomenon :grin::+1:t2:

You are awesome and helped far more than you may be aware.

Take care my friend.


Is @JonahTheBard just on holiday? :grimacing:

For whatever reason my mind went to this @TGW , especially the last line:

See you tomorrow @TGW :wink:



you had far more patience than I ever did, boss! I’m glad we’re still alliance buddies, I can still enjoy your special brand of humor and telling-it-like-it-is :slight_smile:


Sad to hear this @TGW! I will sorely miss your posts, I enjoyed them very much.

I hope one day I will find a fantastic game on the market, it will be fun, well-designed, pure pleasure to play, giving opportunity to make good friends with other players… and no gacha :wink:!

I hope you’ll occasionally turn up on the forum. But if not, all the best!


I think that’s a moral choice there. Do you want to develop a gacha game or not? If not gacha, Zynga may not be interested.


The Great Warning (not to play gacha)

The Gacha Wakeup

Try gaming without (gacha)

There goes (the) weekend (playing gacha)

Etc etc etc

Best wishes mate


Best of luck to you @TGW.

It’s definitely time to step out when something ceases to be fun, or entertaining, or even mentally stimulating. Just going through the motions is a soul destroying experience.

I too hope one day to see a game you’ve developed up there in lights. I’m guessing it’ll be a console one though, as opposed to an online thingy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::slightly_smiling_face:


Right move mate sure more will follow.

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Gacha itself is a bad model. E&P is gacha on steroids and fueled by heavy duty amphetamines. Might not have been SG’s original intentions, perhaps mostly accelerated by Z’s need to prove profitability. Whatever the case… it’s just bad.

Always respected you for your good heart. That is a rare and invaluable quality. Don’t ever let the cruelties of the world change that about you. :heart:

As are you, now more than ever. Hope you will keep fighting the good fight for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course I will drop in to say hi! My gripes about the game model were never against any of the players. The community here is amazing, and without it, I never would have stuck with the game (or the forum) for as long as I did.

I’ll just be dropping in occasionally to say hello and whatnot. But I have drastically reduced both my forum and E&P playing time, just ask any of my alliance mates. At one time, this game and this forum were my primary sources of entertainment. Nowadays, neither one of them even make my top 5.

I will continue to try to do my part for the alliance, for as long as I’m willing to do so. Should the day come that I decide to take an extended break, I will pass leadership onto you.

I will never ever create a gacha game. Though if I create a non-gacha game and Zynga wants to buy it and turn it into a gacha game? I will sign over all rights and take my name off of it. I will use the money they give me to go back to creating games for fun.

The most I could ever see charging any player for one of my games is $1. My first games will either be donationware, or 100% free with some ads (I will make sure the ads aren’t obnoxiously annoying).

TGW was always short for The Grey Wolf, though I welcome other interpretations. I may end up creating a game related website where I will go by The Game Wolf. :slightly_smiling_face:

The game stopped being mentally stimulating a long time ago. I mean, it’s a match 3. 5 different colored tiles spread across a 5x7 board. Can we please stop pretending it’s a “puzzle”? If it’s a puzzle, it’s a puzzle designed for ages 5-10. It’s not complicated.

What’s complicated is getting the right heroes and combining them together. Then there’s the patience factor of waiting a million years for all the stuff you need to upgrade your buildings and your heroes. And hoping you’re lucky enough to get good boards and good summons (or spending spending spending into infinity). :face_vomiting:

Nope, nope, nope.

I won’t be creating console games, as mostly only big name companies have licensing rights for those. I’m just playing around with some indie development software for now. Currently only PC based, but once I learn how, I’ll be able to export them to mobile phones also (though I will have to get licensing rights to publish them on Apple or Google play stores, which will cost money, and my games will be nearly impossible to find without some clout or advertising, but that’s a bridge I’ll try to cross once I get to that point…)


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