Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

Can’t agree more. @zephyr1 was freaking awesome.



Looks like we lost MadMarv

(Profile - madmarv - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum)

Rumor from beta says @madmarv always tested with 4* Classic heroes ( no emblems) and 5* Classic heroes to see if new content was balanced for new players/ F2P


That is a genuine shame. Not people leaving the game for “reasons” but for not giving US closure on their departure and their insight.

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My biggest hope is he just got burn out

My worst fear is something bad happened in the Real World

Later I might start a new forum topic and see if anyone knows


Oh my, that is pretty dark. I hope out of those scenarios, “burn out” happened because he was so enthusiastic usually.

@Guvnor may know. I believe it was planned. I recall hearing “a great one is leaving” before it happened.


Madmarv has indeed left the game. He exited early this year; soon after I took on co-leader ship of 7DH. Mid February was the approx time.

It was ultimately due to losing all enjoyment in the game and as a result needed something new.

Beta had become a grind for him (like many others) where it feels like a continuous beating of one’s head against a brick wall… But his contributions were valued and well reasoned until the very end.

@madmarv was one of the greats of the game, and his contributions to the community and the 7Days family were immense…

(@Gryphonknight & @sft1965 a FYI tag :slight_smile:)


I remember @madmarv being an early contributor to the farming data organized by @BarryWuzHere . Also, as mentioned, he took the time to test new content with vanilla 4* to test the ftp-friendliness in beta. He will be missed.

I wish MadMarv the best in his search for a more fulfilling use of his time.


@Vikingblood80 sadly announced he is leaving the game. He was / is a true math geek and authored useful threads and offered tons of advice to benefit the player community.

You will be missed :sweat:. Bestest wishes for continued success in your future endeavours.


Where/when did this occur? Not questioning that it did; just can’t find a post on forum. (If it was in the thread you linked, I must have overlooked it.) He’s a valued member of the FTP Rebellion. Dislike.


@Vikingblood80 announced his quitting in alliance chat, then left the alliance. It was all very sudden :sweat:

I know :sweat:


Major bummer. Thanks for letting the rest of us know. As you say, he will be missed. Thanks for all your contributions, @Vikingblood80 .


Just saw this :slight_smile: I did take about a year off, but came back a few months ago. Thx for noticing. Also, think you do a great job modding this poopshow. Later.


You have been an awesome member of the forum, and the FTP Rebellion @Vikingblood80.

Take care, and all the best to you!

@TGW @Muchacho @sleepyhead @akionna @Gartenerbsen @Ruskin505 @Quinn3 @Shohoku79 @Igmuhota Vikingblood is quitting. :sob:


This is sad, I loved to read your contributions @Vikingblood80! But I hope it is for the best, for you. Make good use of the time that gets freed up, take care!


oh gosh. thanks for sharing @Sarah2 and for the tag @SamMe

@Vikingblood80 hope you’re still online to read this! Will miss you, thanks for all the helpful advice and the tools (e.g. mana calculator) you shared with the community! Will miss brainstorming tourney defenses with you (though I had noticed we were doing it less, but me too - many days I don’t stress too much about my defenses anymore!)

Will miss you!


Thanks for the heads up @Sarah2 and @SamMe

I would never selfishly wish @Vikingblood80 to stay against his own self interest. Although sudden I hope it’s for the best for him. A genius mind of the F2P that will be missed!

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I have quit but not quit (though essentially, yeah, I have mostly quit). Forums no longer bring joy to me, nor do I bring joy to the forum. The breakup was mutual. No hard feelings.

I’m just here to pick up a few things I left behind, and to say hello to the posts that I still have joint custody on.


Oh damn, sad to see such a voice of reason go.
Enjoy your freedom and best of luck.


I just can’t condone the gacha game model, at all, ever. But I’ve lost the will to continue arguing with people here who do like it. It’s their game. It never really was the right game for me. I’m not helping anyone by coming here to complain about it. Myself least of all.

I’ve actually moved on to creating my own games now instead. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s much more fun that way. And who knows? Maybe some day I’ll be the one selling a game to Zynga for millions of dollars. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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