Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

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Seriously? You were a legend. That whole “pants” thing was epic.


Here is a link to the Titan Mafia page:


The last time I was there, I could have sworn it said when the site might be taken down, but no such info is listed there now. I’m glad to be mistaken!


@Defiler - I was just a visitor for the past year being so busy with the BATMAN FAMILY of ALLIANCES… Ales (&CNO now retired ran it for me). I added in the Mods whom were also great regular contributors (such as @Guvnor - hes too busy here didn’t ask him would in a heartbeat). Duckman, WCDT Angel Vix & Roxy were added uder the leadership of Ales - who honestly has ALWAYS been the back-bone of the group. SO WHY AM I HERE WHEN I SAID I WAS GONE? Well, many didn’t read the FINE LINE in my last post for RaZoRtErA… I’m no longer going to post to the forum and other public sites unless its directly related to my NEXT PROJECT. I’m here for @JAWS1! Bud if you are not already subscribed to my ALLIED PLAYERS GUILD on YouTube - do so quickly and be the FIRST to watch my NEXT PREMIER VID (its going to be a doozy - but I would like you to have FIRST CRACK at the PRIZE)… LATER PEEPS

Ohhhh: Allied Players Guild - YouTube

Some further insight in the 2 posts as Tera and Ter AxE: RaZ⊕RtΞrΛxΞ – An Empires & Puzzles USERS ADVOCATE IN ALL THINGS E&P

Above is how to get ahold of me…


@Razor still has a heartbeat! Raise the roof! :star_struck:

I just signed up to the players guild YouTube! Looking forward to more insights from the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” of E&P! :wink:


Lol, more like a jawa. Well here it is…


Thanks for the shout out @Razor! As always, great hero insights! I actually just started leveling Bera and Sif over the weekend. Bera is leveled waiting for emblems and Sif is at 3/70 waiting on darts. After your latest updates, I feel real good about my roster and where it’s trending! I even pulled my first 5* ninja, Garnet, this last ninja event! Considering who I have (and don’t have, Odin and Cobalt), I’ll eventually move my defense to a Green-Red-Green middle anchored by Garnet at the tank position. Great, great insights! Thanks for all the efforts! :wink:

@Noble_Weasel @Shunt I’m replying here to avoid dragging the HA10 thread off-topic.

I suppose so?

I’m not finding myself missing the game so far, as I approach 2 weeks.

It’s not impossible I might play a little at some point in the future, but I don’t see myself going back to any form of regular or competitive play unless there’s something very distinctive and interesting added to the gameplay.

The only thing that’s sort of in the back of my mind is my unused Gems, EHT, and Coins…but at the same time, I can’t imagine any Hero I would get that would motivate me to return to playing at this point.

Maybe I’ll open the game to use them at some point, get my Dawas, and feel a sense of catharsis.

No, I don’t want to play all of them, and think I’ll feel weird about starting them but not finishing.

So my intention is not to play any of them at all.

Finishing S3 felt like a good completion point for me.


Liked for the reply, not for the content. We will miss the many contributions you have made to the game and the community. I hope you feel like it was time (and probably money) well-spent. For me personally, if there were a Mt. Rushmore of retired E&P players, it would be @zephyr1, @Kerridoc, @Gryphonknight, and somebody TBD. Best wishes for whatever is next, fellow Legend of Zelda fan.


If you have any ideas what could give you back the desire to play again regularly, it would be an interesting addition to the thread Restoring enthusiasm for long term players!

I am sad to see you quit.


@zephyr1 You will be missed as the community loses another titan in the game! Thank you for all of the guidance and wisdom you have bestowed on us all! We hope someday you will return! Good fortunes to you until your return! :wink:


@Gryphonknight is like the Terminator…every time I think he’s gone, he reappears

And he stole my clothes, my boots and my motorcycle.

If anyone gets on mt Rushmore with Z and K, it’s surely @Garanwyn :pensive:


But unlike the Terminator, it’s a welcome reappearance!

A little before most of my time on the forum, I think, but I see him referred to fondly and often. A worthy choice, I’m sure. The endorsement of @JonahTheBard surely carries much weight!


All hail the almighty p-value and the binomial distribution of Garanwyn. I miss him, with all his insignia of statistics.


Team, please remember that the topic is remembering friends and acquaintances that have left the game :+1:



Added you to the main thread. Sorry to hear you leave. I will miss a lot of your possible threads. You are one of my legends and idols here in the forum.


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@King_Kyree77 - added to Master List :sweat:


I miss @Polentinha so much. @zephyr1 too.

Long life our grandmasters.


Hope you have a long and happy life @King_Kyree77 . I will miss you. :worried:


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