Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

I like the analogy. Could you imagine if we replaced “summons” with “shark dive”? You could talk to your alliance buddies about shark diving and commiserate about losing an arm and a leg together…

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Mid-October- Retired from the Community Content chats
Mid-December- Retired from the Forums (essentially)
December 25 (as a present for my boyfriend):

Didn’t technically feed to Alfie but have stuck to my word and haven’t redownloaded since… and quite frankly, it’s been a huge weight off my chest for the last 3 weeks. A surprisingly huge amount of more time to just enjoy life- cook more, clean more, connect more with friends and family, big work accomplishments, etc.

No regrets. :kissing_heart:


I totally respect your decision.

But more time to cook and clean seems counterintuitive to me :rofl:


I have flung my last Poo in this game.
Main heroes have been fed to Dawa and Boomer and the game has been removed from my phone.

I’ve enjoyed playing with a great number of people, too many to list, but y’all made the stay more enjoyable.



I’ll certainly miss ya, you made this game enjoyable for me over the years. Onward and upward buddy. That was one hell of a poo you took on your roster!!


100% This!

They don’t seem reasons to quit to me…they seem like reasons to keep playing :joy::joy::joy:


I fully respect your decision. And I just watched you feed away your heroes in the Line group.
I am sure that you will be the first of many…
It’s sad to see you go and I will miss your posts both in the forum and in Line.
Take care and stay safe. And I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours


Miss you already, Poo.

Wishing you well in the “after” life.

:snowflake: :crossed_swords:


Wormwood gone, spoke the other day really didn’t wanna put it on here, but he helped me out on advice and hopefully some of you too…
Sorry if I upset you worm by posting this. But respect where respect is due thank you…


I’ve posted in A-Z/Count to 10 a few times that I’m a terrible chef and can’t cook to save my life. Have picked it up as a hobby and am somewhat competent :grin: (though I cheat- I’ve been using one of those home cooking meal kits).

I’ve also been getting ready to move- we’ve delayed it for over almost 2 years now (wasted money on monthly rent instead of the annual discount thinking for sure we were moving “any day now”) out of pure laziness and are finally making a push (at the worst possible time- missed the buyers market and fell into the sellers market :rage:).

Just don’t put chili on spaghetti and you’ll be okay. It was good playing with you (in the game and on the forum). And see, I help up things on my end - never said who you were. :relaxed:


…I never made the list…

Par for the course I guess.

Where is the :broken_heart: button at?

You aren’t putting yourself on the list,
are you?

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