Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

@Steve9999 So sorry for you loss. :cry:



(Obligatory character count…)


Anybody know where is Tagon Paz, is he gone? Didn’t see him on top list for months.

Just search for Jo Seon, you’ll see them in the Alliance


And a sad day when a top alliance in the game throws in the towel …


this may be a bit premature, but I for one will greatly miss @OGdirty1Kanobi :frowning: you have definitely given a lot to the community :frowning: :frowning:


Me too, very much so :broken_heart: :cry:


Total bummer. God speed fellow player.

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That sucks. If you’re still around the forum, @OGdirty1Kanobi , know that we’ll miss you.


Sadly, add @Gwniver to this list. Hope they’ll still come around the forums once in a while.


$$$$$$$$$$$ay good buy to yall.

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Are you leaving the game when 2LB is introduced on 20th March?
Surely not?

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Oh no, thanks for sharing @Dyna49 , i just checked and found the thread :frowning:


I’ll still check in once and a while, but yeah my E&P days are gonna be done after this war as the update went live during matchmaking, but yeah after war ends Sunday will be my last.

I have a place to park my account, im not gonna delete it, but im definitely taking a break with no duration in mind, could be forever, might not. Never say never right, but yeah, cant continue to support the way SG/zynga take2 are going, and also how much time i put into the game to just be frustrated with it over and over. Its not healthy, It sucks. It was fun for a long time… but now it just feels wrong for me to continue.
2nd LB and the portal for it/ the abilities was just the straw the broke the back and my personal line i cant cross and be true to myself and my opinions/morals and the lack of respect sg shows its players in terms of listening to us. And the absurd Q&A they give us after really stupid moves.

Alot more i could say, but i dont want to make this a rant.

You all have been amazing, the community here is unbelievably kind and supportive for the most part, and thats what makes this so hard :broken_heart:

But i can still come in and say hi, post songs, look at memes and just give likes (as i love to do lol)

So this isnt goodbye, but see ya later, if you’re all still enjoying the game thats great and wish u amazing pulls, mat drops and on color diamonds in war hits.

If anyone wants a change of pace can always contact me on line: ogdirty1
Or discord: OGd1K#4271

Happy gaming :love_you_gesture:
And even more i wish you all happiness :heart:


@OGdirty1Kanobi it hurts to see great players leave but that’s what sg has been doing to the game. Be well and happy with whatever you do buddy.
And the forum isn’t the game lol. I wish we continue to see your wonderful posts across so many threads. Stay in touch. Cheers mate.


Very sorry to see you leave as well. I was always impressed by how you tried to motivate people regarding getting mats and offering a reminder that they do come again and again.

Wish you to find a great new game to enjoy!


Yes please, yea please! Will still miss you, but at least we’ll see you from time to time :slight_smile:


Today E&P legend Anchor quit the alliance and will uninstall the game. He said this would happen if they released lb2 without aether reset, and was true to his word.
A true E&P legend that I am certain have helped many people starting in this game


Where did he say this at?

Can’t say I blame him.

It’s not new.
It’s not creative.

Another boring slog to continue reducing variety in our own rosters. And sucking more time in the process. And drain more wallets with yet another portal. :yawning_face:

Later Anchor - good luck on the flip side


@Pompitous His alliance leader made an earlier post in a thread to advise he had left …

So many good people are leaving