Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

@diesdas @FlyingIcarus wishing you both the best, and to more fulfilling pursuits!


@Dante2377 is playing again but no longer forum frequenter it seems!!


Another player leaves the game. But the reasoning was really understandable…


I’m sorry you’re leaving @ArktikaTF. :cry:

Thank you so much for your great contribution to the forum and as part of the amazing Calendar Team! :+1::+1:

I truly hope you can find peace away from the game, and stay safe. Please take good care of yourself. If you ever change your mind, we’ll probably :sweat_smile: still be here.

FYI @eagle1 @sft1965 @Dessertrose @Saphirra @sleepyhead @Guvnor @Magnifique


It’s sad to see you go @ArktikaTF, hope to see you back in game once current situations gets better. Loved your fan art. All the best and stay safe :blush:


very thoughtful @SamMe thank you, I have also bumped up the Fan Art thread by @ArktikaTF in her honor…


wheres Killa Killa gone ?

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Sorry that you have been forced (now) into this action @ArktikaTF. I feel awful for the regular people on both sides. Take care.


Last time I checked, he was complaining about roster space. I remember him talking about all the new heroes they kept releasing but no roster space was offered.

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Totally off topic, but interested to know…

Any update :thinking:?

Sorry no new informations, but read in Seven Days family chat, that they were working on the problems…

We have to be patient…

Hi all, I’m back… actually i’ve been back since last October, when Russell was featured, and I got him.

I believe my luck is better now with a new in-game name since returning. After Russel, I got some costumed heroes from HA (Leonidas and Sartana). Recently i also got Conga and Hannah after finishing S4 (my 1st and 2nd S4 Heroes. (I got zero s3 and only 1 S2 legendary when i finished the Game just before I took hiatus.)

This month I got another Hotm (Zagrog) from costumed chamber and with 1 gem pull I got Lu Bu.

The lesson is: you need to take a long hiatus just to improve your luck… The game will reward you when you return, probably because they want you back.

I’m still mad with the direction of the game (#Cashgrab), constant nerf and buff cycle, all new item with the sole purpose to get more money from the players, the scarceness of Aethers, and so on, but at least for now, I can still enjoy the ride, F2P as always, without worrying about how competitive my squad is (because I know competitiveness is just for the whales). It is what it is.


Good to have you back @udee ! Glad you got some good luck, and that you can still enjoy the game despite not liking its direction!


Welcome back @udee! :+1::+1::smile: I’m glad you’ve returned, and congrats on your Lu Bu and Zagrog! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball: I hope your luck continues. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

@leejow The Mystical Berty Fan Club is back together! :star_struck:


Yeah, probably I am not as active as before, but in a good way. Maybe previously I see the game as a burden that need your attention everytime. But now i can see it as an entertainment during breaktime. No string attached.

No more chasing for 4 monster/hero chest per day, i don’t care if i didn’t use my WE when they are full, no more alarm to check 3 MV per day (or is it 6 now?), played quest when I want it, and don’t mind if I didn’t finished it on time. The only obligation now is to hit titan and make sure my war flag are used. But since my current alliance use FFA strategy, l can always attack when i’m online. Sometime I missed the Titan tho but luckily its not consecutively so my Leader doesn’t kick me out…yet :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


playing a bit more casual has also helped me enjoy this game more :wink: focusing on fun and killing the time. keep enjoying!!


And another veteran player decides to “jump ship”



and another… @666blah666 is leaving the game today…

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I only read the OP in full now. I’m glad that you returned and you’re still here (for now) @JGE! :smile:


Likewise, @JGE :slight_smile: glad you’re still here