Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

Dear [insert your favourite deity], after the length of time they wasted with them. Given the time they led everyone on with them I’d hope it was a good excuse. I mean if you’re gonna do something terribly at least do it quickly.

Was trying to keep it brief in case it prompted a hastily added “and giant walls of text/massive gas bag” to my short bio…


Only excuse they had is they didn’t want a use for duplicates to only be exclusive to those who have played long enough to build hero academy lol


Forum waiting for @MysterySpin to finish typing be like:


On topic,

Forum greats include

@badassninjadad - you still here?



I missed brobb farewell?

Just tagged her a bit ago…

Dante i knew about, interrupted his slumber a couple times…


She came back for a while and then drifted away again :slightly_frowning_face:



@SolemnWolf - this guy basically, arrived, changed everything we knew about how damage was calculated with one of the most mathematically proficient threads ever written and quietly left


Can we rename this thread the most depressing thread on the forum?


No, let’s celebrate the memory of our friends, enjoy our memories of them and treasure the wisdom and fun they have left us :heart:


Dammmmmmmmmn, probably a good job I quit when I did then as my reply to that would not have been dignified.

The people who first proposed Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy concepts in the ideas area just pitched then as additional building to be added like the Barracks which could be converted from a building at SH10.

It was 100% SGG’s decision to instead add 5 more stronghold levels and have to upgrade a bunch of other buildings to get that far. Not only is that a problem of their own creation it is also not really a problem at all, they could make a decent Hero Academy and make it like Barracks, upgradeable from a building from SH10.

It doesn’t take 500+ days to figure out a solution to that problem that they themselves created for themselves.

There isn’t any part of me that was tempted to reinstall the game but if there had been frankly such BS would make it a matter of self-respect. If I let someone mislead and lie to me for 500+ days, not deliver what they promised and then give a clearly BS excuse then I may as well get doormat tattooed to my forehead… And so had I not quit then the post I would have bashed out would have had the same level of respect for SGG as they seem to hold their player base in…

Anyway I’ll shut up now as me launching into a rant on SGG would be the equivalent of urinating into a church font in terms of the tone and intent of this thread. Back to the memories of past players as I try make a mysterious stage exit left…


This is how I approached reading this thread. I don’t believe @FrenziedEye really meant for this to be a depressing thread in nature, but rather a celebration of those that have influenced us or were part of us in this journey we took when we decided to download a mobile game called Empires and Puzzles. Sure it could be sad to see that they may no longer play the game (or at least not actively so any longer), but rather we could choose to hold onto memories of what they did for the community.


Maybe if we keep tagging them they’ll all come back :nerd_face:


Advanced warning, if it gets to the point an alumni party is thrown I will certainly be getting naked at it (I should probably examine that urge closer given I came rather close to starting a YouTube channel pontificating from the bath recently but anyhu)…


Is that how you’re spending your new found freedom from the game??

Be sure to post the link if you do decide to start that channel. :rofl::rofl:


Watching @Brobb shut down illegitimate complainers was reason enough to log in each day.

I used to look forward to seeing someone complain on the forum.
She took the worst part of the forum and made it her b*tch.


I wish!!! If I were by myself I probably would be especially with this weather (I’d sweat at the North Pole) - unfortunately I’m in a small one bed flat which due to Covid my partner (who works as a civil servant) is constantly in Zoom meetings in the only other room - now to be clear I have no qualms with streaking in front of the civil service, my issue is I’ll only get one shot at doing it and so when the time comes I want to ensure there is at least a junior minister in the meeting… Even better if I can get a Secretary of State…

Would do though I wouldn’t be too hopeful, t’was the inability to get a good camera angle in the bathroom that proved the sticking point that sadly means I won’t be adding to my list of daft media appearances…


Zoom. :roll_eyes: it’s becoming my new cringe word.

Hope things settle down for y’all soon enough and you find a streak-worthy cause.



@Player16YT quit the game, but will still check in on the forums


@SupremeAlienRaptor is cutting down on both the game and the forums, but is still around


@Celtibero parted ways for meals before midnight, dry climates, and Rambo films.


Yer…when the moustache-cat turned up at the bottom of the page it was time to get comfy and crack open a cold one.




@Mai came back, then left again - original farming guide and groundbreaking analysis of loot.


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