Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

Let’s create a MASTER List of people who used to frequent this forum but who have now left us.

Think it’d be good for people to refer to.

There is sometimes a tendency to think that those who rage-quit were silly or ‘that couldn’t happen to me’ but to the contrary I think that our alumni started off as half-content people like you and me and then just became totally disillusioned with SG. Of course, not everyone left because they were angry.

If we could list them all on one page it might cheer people up.

Happy for everyone to lighten the load and just chip in names with links here lol

Feel free to even make up a special ability, add a quote or brief bio for them.

Edit: This is a WIKI and can be edited by anyone



Ambassador (June 2020 per Eries)

“I suspect a lot of people will look back on their time playing this game and realize a lot of real life passed by”

AnjaValkyrie (February 2019)

“I had a great time in this great community. Lots of fun, lots of laughs. It was great while it lasted. And I thank you all :hugs: .

Aunty May 2020

I would like to say thank you to everyone and especially to you @Rigs
It was nice until it wasn’t.

BRATacus (November 2017)

I have tried to help with this forum. I was in beta. I have tried to stay positive, but it has become abundantly clear that SG is out for one thing. Your wallets.

Brobb (Unknown date)
Known for shutting down illegitimate complainers. Not even locked threads could stop her. Sometimes makes a random reappearance.

Celtibero (June 2020)

I leave with great sadness, leaving behind 2 alliances with wonderful people. They are the reason why I kept holding on. Here I also leave unforgettable people, I do not want to name anyone because all of you have been equally important.

dafrca (August 2017)

I wish the best for those who are still playing. And I want to thank the developers for the fun I did have before the change.

Darth (December 2018)

I played this game with all my heart & love and energy. Bc of some personal issues I left, line also.

DoctorStrange (May/June 2020 - gradually leaving)

Rest of the real players I hope you guys get out of here and find a new game like we did that literally allows you to spend or be ftp and still enjoy yourself.

The amount of money required here is not worth the return as almost every event can be manipulated by cash versus skill.

Coming into a game like this and getting upset because you spent to much mony is your fault and your fault alone.


Ellilea (July 2018)
Known for her detailed and thoughtful posts and lobbying for change from SG :unicorn: . Early critic of SG not listening to feedback

Etlecho (June 2018).
Strong Forum Contributor of 30 total forum posts before his 16 posts on leaving.

So I hope y’all have fun, but I’ve had enough.

FrenziedEye Post 22 in this topic for his farewell (July 2020)
The OP for this list and a FTP superstar.

Garanwyn (August 2019?)
Mod, known for his detailed on-demand statistical / mathematical analysis

Grzechol (August 2019)
One of the pioneers of power levelling Aife using 4-80 heroes :scream:

Nope I only had one account. Just got bored and decided to do something funny when I quit

Jedon (Unknown - June 2019?)
Jovial character, had to leave due to illness :frowning:

Kerridoc (October 2019)
Champion Mod / Game Designer, always willing to offer tips to beginners. Left to save the world from climate change.

I’ve also been asked by the new Climate Council to help plot a course for Maine to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 and 100% renewable energy by 2050. These goals are tremendously challenging and will require my focused attention.

Consequently, I am cutting way back on my screen time–and with that, I’m going to stop playing E&P and wind down my participation on the forums in an orderly way. It’s been a fun 2+ years, but it’s time to move on. My best wishes to all, especially the many forum regulars who make these forums such an interesting and unique place.

KLinmayhem (April 2020)
Sang plenty of parody songs, sometimes mistaken for the capital of @AirHawk’s home country

Mai (August 2017)
Early pioneer in loot analysis ( titan, map, quests, etc.)

Mariamné (December 2019)
Graphic design contributor extraordinaire, made infographics for event challenges etc

Thank you very much. I wish you all good things. :cookie:

PS : I will try to publish Teltoc Event in january 2020.

MysterySpin (May 2020 - 500 days after Hero Academy was announced)
Known for his detailed analyses and extraordinary knowledge

NPNKY (June 2020)

I’ve realized that what I enjoy most about the game is the people in my alliance and here on the forum. Since that’s where the enjoyment comes from, that’s where my energy will go.

Also known as a straight talking advice machine, medical professional and rescuer of noobs from themselves.

Novo (June 2020)
Much loved calendar girl. Dedicated many hours to producing detailed calendars of the games schedule.

Richter (May 2020)
Fearsome FTP legend who valued sportsmanship and fair competition

I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to the many on this forum for their kindness and contributions. From the expansive guides on monster drops, to the research done with tile probability, to the encouragement shown to myself and others, it has been a privilege to experience the game with many of you.

A list of accomplishments I have been proud of:
1.Reached global top 1 in trophies

8.Did it without ever using any gems in any summon portal since I started playing

Rigs The Necromancer (May 2020)
Remembered for Flags.

Hopefully devs can put more weight into the voices of their playerbase in the future and improve things for you guys.
I wanted to stick it out for Crew-, but even a daily login feels too forced and the game is just not something i look forward to anymore. Actually dread just opening it.

Rimbros (March 2019)
Remembered for her 9 posts created, and 21 hearts given to her beloved forum members.

I know that the developers and owners of the game do not listen to us, many people complained about why in Atlantis invocations heroes come out of season 1, why a hero that season 1 costs 300 gems in atlantis costs 350, why put dust and straw to make it more difficult to get good heroes, and yet they never did anything

SolemnWolf (Unknown date)

“This guy basically, arrived, changed everything we knew about how damage was calculated with one of the most mathematically proficient threads ever written and quietly left.”

Tough_E_Nough (April 2019)
Known for his unique commentary on forum life

Just the place for a Snark!

Now he’s gone, I don’t know why
And 'till this day, sometimes I cry
He didn’t even say goodbye
He didn’t take the time to lie

@PeachyKeen Effective 8/19/2020.

Those who returned - NOT QUITE THERE YET!


Rigs @Rigs to comment? Like attending your own funeral?


There isn’t; not that is on the forum anyways.

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Cool thanks cheers


  1. Rimbros
  2. BRATacus
  3. Sorsha
  4. dafrca
  5. Etlecho

A lot of them are in the forum somewhere.


I think we can add…


7. Romansky81


The legendary Kerridoc



Does it count if we come back?

And is it forum and game or either/or?

Many of the above chip in occasionally here.


Happy for everyone to lighten my load and just chip in here lol

Feel free to even make up a special ability or brief bio for them

Hey @FrenziedEye. Can you take over in editing the list in one. I started doing the listing but I am too lazy for this. LOL. You have a good idea and this will be a good post to pin by the mods. Thanks.

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PicklesXJ :sob:
Zen0 :sob::sob:
JimMe :sob::sob::sob:


Sure I will, I may be a bit slow but I’ll slowly do the list


Thanks. I can’t wait to see the list as it progresses in the coming days, weeks, months…


I’m not sure but haven’t seen Coconutz in a While…

Are you able to give a short description of each of their personalities? Or what they were known for?



Hmm…Am I supposed to be adding you too @Sorsha, you are still around :rofl:

@JonahTheBard makes a good point…

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I didn’t as I dont know them personally. Some players or forum users may know them. What I am interested in are really those who have quit the game for good. I like them still hanging in the community forum though. But hey, this is your thread.

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@Mariamne graphic design contributor extraordinaire

@Novo our much loved calendar girl


I am still active in forum as long I can catch-up the new stuff but i have uninstalled the game…guess this is what counts. :wink:


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